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RUSH: Last night on CNBC Reports, John Harwood was interviewing The One, The Messiah, the Most Merciful, Barack Obama. He said, ‘The notion that the United States tolerates torture, do you expect it to be difficult and complicated to effect that change, to define exactly what is and isn’t torture?’

OBAMA: Guantanamo, I’m going to close. How we do that is NOT simple, because we have people who have been detained there, many of them who may actually be dangerous. So we’ve got to do very careful reviews of how we do that.

RUSH: This! This! This is incredible. That had to be heard to be believed. Some of these guys at Club Gitmo may actually be bad guys. We never thought of that. We just thought of poor, innocent little Islamists being tortured. You mean Bush wasn’t making it all up, Barry. So the word ‘torture’ equals Club Gitmo has this government admitted that it tortured? Has Bush admitted there was torture? Has Cheney admitted there was torture? Where did this notion come from? Abu Ghraib is where the torture stems from. This notion that we engage in torture all the time is another one of these myths, these liberal myths that’s been promulgated out there. It’s established itself now as a reality, when I don’t think it is.

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