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RUSH: Just to show you how bad it is out there, let’s go to the audio sound bites. Last night, Fox News Channel special report, Jim Angle played a portion of a phone call he had with Larry Flynt, the editor of Hustler magazine.

FLYNT: Sex toys and novelties are gathering dust on the shelves, and so I think the government has responsibility to get out there and rejuvenate the libido and let us start enjoying the one thing left that’s free.

RUSH: That’s Larry Flynt, editor of Hustler wanting a bailout for sex toys and novelties. Let’s go back, January 12th, 1999, Larry King Live, editor of Hustler, talking to Larry King. We put together a montage of his most salient comments.

FLYNT: Uh, Uhhhh, Uhhhh, no, no, I do not, uh, uh, you — I should — uhhhh, uhhhh — there’s, ahhhh, uhhhh, I’m just, uhhhh — I’m just really teed off.

RUSH: That’s Larry Flynt, been teed off since January 12th, 1999. Now the sex toys and the novelties are getting dusty on the shelves, nobody is buying anything. So it’s bad. What did he mean, the one thing that’s free? What did he say here, in that first bite? He said, get the government out there, rejuvenate the libido and let us enjoy the one thing left that’s free? Uhhhh, free? Free? Free? Where does he get it free?

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