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RUSH: Jack in Bristol, Tennessee. Glad you called, sir, great to have you on the EIB Network.

CALLER: Rush, thank you for having me on. First of all I’d like to thank you for your optimistic outlook on everything.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: You’re welcome. My family’s been making blue jeans in America for 96 years, and every day if I turn on the radio and hear what you have to say about anything, I know I’m gonna make it, it’s up to me, my employees are safe, and we’re going to do it. Bottom line. It’s up to me. Thank you for that.

RUSH: Well, you’re more than welcome, but as a businessman in the blue jean business, you know that, you don’t need to hear it from me.

CALLER: Well, I know that, but you know what, it’s just reassuring, and let me tell you another good point about what’s going on with me right now. I hired somebody. I have a new employee starting today.

RUSH: Really?

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: And you’re not in the health care sector, you’re not in the education sector, you’re not in the government sector, yet you hired somebody?

CALLER: I hired somebody today, we started her out, she came in this morning, I stopped by to make sure. I’m on my way to see some friends this weekend and stopped by to make sure she showed up for work, she did, and I said welcome —

RUSH: See, see, see? What did he do? Folks, he made sure she showed up. Ninety percent of it is showing up.

CALLER: Absolutely, sir. That’s exactly it, and the second 10% is knowing that you’re doing it for your customer. That’s the other part.

RUSH: How long did you interview her?

CALLER: Actually, she just walked in, she said she had some experience, she was really desperate looking for a job. I had somebody who I needed to move to a different position because —

RUSH: Wait a minute.

CALLER: So I said, ‘Why don’t you come join us?’

RUSH: When was the first time you saw her?

CALLER: Yesterday.

RUSH: You saw her yesterday, you hired her today?

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: Amazing.

CALLER: If it doesn’t work out I’m going to find a place for her, and if that doesn’t work out, well, then we’ll just have to figure something out. But I’m not giving up on my fellow man like you haven’t given up on your fellow man.

RUSH: She must have really bowled you over.

CALLER: Oh, she didn’t bowl me over or nothing. I just needed somebody to come in and help us. But, you know what, if you give somebody a chance, they’ll give it back to you. And that’s one of the lessons that you teach people out there.

RUSH: She came knocking on your door, right? She came looking?

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: She didn’t wait for you to find her?

CALLER: No, sir. She just heard that we make jeans, and she had sewn out in California previously and stopped by, asked if we were hiring, and to tell you the truth, Rush, I wasn’t, but, you know what, she needed a job, I’m there for my fellow man, and my fellow man has given it back to me, and, you know what, that’s just what it’s all about, sir.

RUSH: This gets even more amazing every time you utter a sentence. You didn’t even have an opening.

CALLER: No, sir, I didn’t. Not really.

RUSH: But she impressed you to the point that you thought she could do some good work for you.

CALLER: I knew she could, I knew she could and she needed a chance, and people have given me a chance.

RUSH: That must mean that your business is doing pretty well because if you weren’t looking for somebody, it means you didn’t need anybody and yet you hired this woman.

CALLER: I hired this woman ’cause I know I’m going to make it this coming 2009. I knew it in 2008, I know it in 2009. I’m not giving up. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to make a mistake, and I’ll correct my behavior from that, but, you know what, I’m gonna make it.

RUSH: All right, I have to ask.

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUH: You haven’t gotten any portion of the bailout, have you?

CALLER: No, I’m still waiting for my checks. (laughing)

RUSH: All right, well, congratulations, I’m glad you called.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush.

RUSH: This is a great story. Ask for what you want. You never know what’s going to happen. Do you know how simple it is to ask for what you want. Most people don’t because they think they’re being selfish, or they’re afraid of giving themselves away. Most people like to keep themselves close to the vest and not have their desires known, they think it makes them weaker, or vulnerable. But you would be amazed, other than in marriage, what can happen when you ask for what you want. Try it. Let people know what you want and you’ll be stunned ’cause other than that, they will never know otherwise.

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