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RUSH: It’s not pretty out there. On Friday — and I had a sneaking suspicion of this — the seating in the United States Senate of Roland Burris from Illinois, the Senate doesn’t want any part of him. Dick Durbin says that the Burris decision is likely before the end of the month, he was on Slay the Nation yesterday, Bob Schieffer said, ‘Does it at this point have the political will to do that, meaning the Senate, to seat Burris? You think somebody appointed by Blago should be seated in the US Senate?’

DURBIN: If he has the proper certification and papers, then we’re going to take one look at the process and move forward from there, but I won’t presume what the Senate is going to finally decide. I will just tell you we’ll do it fairly and we’ll do it on a timely basis.

SCHIEFFER: But you’re saying at this point you don’t know if he has the proper papers and certifications?

DURBIN: I can tell you the papers he submitted are different than those that have been submitted by virtually every Senator appointed and elected in more than a century.

RUSH: But the Illinois Supreme Court said he doesn’t need certification papers, and specifically he doesn’t need the signature of the Illinois secretary of state who says he’s not going to sign it anyway, but the Illinois Supreme Court said no. So now we’re back to we hope to have this resolved by the end of the month?

(playing of Movin’ On Up song slowed down)

This is the 12th, folks. Nineteen more days.

(continued playing of song)

Isn’t it becoming obvious now that Harry Reid and Dick Durbin do not want a black guy in the Senate?

(continued playing of song)

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