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RUSH: Here’s A.J. in Houston, as we go to the phones. A.J., great to have you here. Hello.

CALLER: How you doing, Rush? Happy birthday to you.

RUSH: Thank you very much, sir.

CALLER: Happy New Year and all that. But, Rush, let me tell you something, as a black man, I feel we’ve been bamboozled by the media and by Obama. There’s no way in the world — black folks are never going to wake up and smell the coffee. Come on. You don’t know nothing about the man. I did polls of my own and asked black folk, ‘What do you know about this man?’

RUSH: Too late.

CALLER: They can’t tell me nothing.

RUSH: A.J., it’s too late!

CALLER: It’s really too late, but the bamboozle part comes in now. He changed all the promises pretty much what he told and said he gonna do. I wanna know, what are you going to do now that you should have been doing in the first place?

RUSH: It doesn’t matter.

CALLER: This is my problem, Rush. Why is it such that you gonna change now what you should have been doing already to get yourself outta there. And, Rush, infrastructure. I thought infrastructure is like the raggly houses in the black neighborhoods, build some stores in the raggly neighborhood, get them raggly burnt out — in Detroit it’s ridiculous. It’s unimaginable. Rush, I thought economics 101 was your state and your mayor take care of your city and they are the keepers of each city and state. Federal government comes in last! You don’t even need the federal government! Why do we have a governor and a mayor if you can’t bring business into your city to make jobs for your people? Come on, Rush, it’s economics 101. When is the black vote going to wake up and smell the coffee? You in poverty! Look at your neighborhood! Come on, people, get the jobs back in there. If Obama can do that, he will make me proud. Until somebody get in the black neighborhood and get these burned out houses fixed up, get these kids to lifting their pants off their butts and — I’m so sick of it, Rush, and how can another group of people come in our country and get better and do better than what you should have been doing? I don’t get it!

We’ve been here 500 years, and the Mexicans and the Chinas and the Arabs and the Indians can come over here and their kids do better than ours. Something is wrong with this picture. Black folk better wake up and they better look at the words this man is talking ’cause, Rush, I’m going to tell you something, we not in no depression. The media, all of them are pieces of crap. And, Rush, I’m telling you if America don’t wake up the sovereignty our country is gone. I’m sorry, black, white, green or red, we not going to have a country, man. I’m sorry to ramble, Rush, on your birthday. I’m so sorry, sir. But somebody gotta wake the black people up! The preachers not doing it; the churches are getting empty; the kids are running wild, and everybody is scared to put the pressure on the blacks. I’m sick of the way we raise them. You go to jail if you hit ’em. Rush, what are you going to do when they kill somebody and they in jail? Well, I shoulda did this. Rush, I’m tired of American sovereignty being gone. We got to get back to raising these kids the right way, put some on that butt, stop sitting them in the corner, stop being soft. I’m sick of it. Where is America? What is wrong with us? We are turning into one of these socialized countries. We got to stop it, Rush. And we need you all help, man. This is unbelievable. I’m so sorry, sir. I’m sorry.

RUSH: A.J., I sympathize with you, my brother. Do you feel better?

CALLER: I’m sorry.

RUSH: Do you feel better now?

CALLER: I’m sorry. Yes, sir, I just wish our media would stop being on the enemy’s side.

RUSH: Ain’t going to happen.

CALLER: Rush! These terrorists want to kill us, and the media is so stupid!

RUSH: Are you talking about the cities and the mayors?

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: They’re outta money, too, A.J.

CALLER: But, Rush, they supposed to be the keepers of the house.

RUSH: Gone.

CALLER: Rush —

RUSH: They’re keeping their house, A.J., not yours, not mine.

CALLER: — hold them accountable for each one of their cities.

RUSH: A.J., do you realize, you’re asking corrupt people to all of a sudden turn around and be honest. You’re asking black people here to wake up and then realize what’s happening, they don’t care. It’s not just black people, the people that voted for Obama, they don’t care about anything yet except that he’s there and he’s going to be inaugurated. It’s historic; it’s symbolic; it doesn’t mean anything.

CALLER: But, Rush, I feel so bad, it should be, but you know why I feel bad, because it should be a good occasion. This man got so much trash coming up behind him, I’m so sorry, I might be the only black person who–

RUSH: What do you mean by that? A.J., hang on here now. What do you mean Obama’s got so much trash coming up behind him?

CALLER: Rush, I’m so sorry. I may not be the smartest guy in the world, but I know when things are tainted, and I’m so sorry, Rush, if everybody, when you get mad and talk about this man, come on. This is the first president ever — and we know corruption is in the White House. We been knowing that. But when you blatantly do it in front of our eyes the way these Democrats are doing right now, and the Republicans are going along with it and letting ’em do it, McCain sold us out. He sold Sarah out. He stuck a dagger in her. Sarah had that party going, man, and McCain missed the boat of chopping the dagger in these people, the Democrats, and McCain sold her out. Sarah was a good person. The media ain’t doing Kennedy like that, and I’m sick of these people and I’m sick of the media. I don’t even watch TV no more. I’m so sick of these so-called fine dressing, the media looking like women, I’m sick of ’em, it makes me sick. They’re sellin’ out our country —

RUSH: All right. A.J.

CALLER: — they going to get us killed.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: They going to get us killed.

RUSH: Well said, A.J. There are a lot of people out there standing up, cheering you. That’s A.J. from Houston, the substitute Official Obama Criticizer.

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