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RUSH: This is Blagojevich Friday at his press conference after the House had voted to impeach him. Here is a portion of his remarks.

BLAGOJEVICH: We’re joined here today by several families who benefited by some of the programs and some of the initiatives because I wouldn’t take no for an answer, from a House that was designed to block everything that could help people for whatever their motivations. I understand the House’s actions. I’m not at all surprised by it, but I took actions with the advice of lawyers and experts to find ways, creative ways to use the executive authority of a governor to get real things done for people who rely on us. And in many cases the things we did for people have literally saved lives. I don’t believe those are impeachable offenses.

RUSH: He had a parade of victims up there standing right next to him as he was going through his response to being impeached, or at least the impeachment vote out there in the House. This is a traditional Democrat trick. They’re forever bringing up starving kids who might not be able to eat if we cut the school lunch program, blah, blah. It’s a time-honored tradition, you know, parade senior citizens with cans of Jiffy Pop or Ken-L Ration or whatever in the face of Republican budget cuts. Here, now, ladies and gentlemen, is a montage of Drive-By Media types just fit to be tied over Blago using victims as props.

COOPER: Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, putting on quite a show today, he even brought in people as props.

TOOBIN: Poor people he brought out there as props.

MADDOW: The Governor’s press conference today, human props and all.

OLBERMANN: Blagojevich even brought props, the families he says he helped.

O’DONNELL: Using those people behind him as props.

HALL: He’s using them as props.

FRANKEN: One of the things that quite frankly has always antagonized a lot of people is when you use people as props.

RUSH: That’s Bob Franken, formerly of CNN, now he’s with somebody else. It’s never infuriated you people. You’ve always celebrated using people as props when the Democrats do it. Here’s Blagojevich last Friday in Chicago, held a press conference.

BLAGOJEVICH: Omar Castillo is a young man who was on the All Kids program. He was 17, 18 years old and then it was discovered that he had a rare liver disease, kidney disease. We intervened and acted in a way with legal advice around the legislature. Omar Castillo got that surgery, he got his liver, he’s now alive and well and is gonna live a long and full and happy life.

RUSH: And you’re going to impeach me for this, he says? This is what they’re mad at, using people as props. But shall we go back to Barack Obama’s 30-minute infomercial, October 29th.

OBAMA: Julianna Sanchez is a widow with two children and a mortgage. Her parents, Richard and Frances, were both educators. Like her family, Julianna’s devoted her life to giving her daughter, Jessica, and son Adam, a good education. Every morning, she’s up before the sun.

RUSH: So they weren’t upset when Obama was using the prop in his 20-, 30-minute, whatever it was, infomercial.

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