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RUSH: The UK Daily Mail online, have you seen the headline? Right there it is, ladies and gentlemen, ‘Obama Can Save Us, Says America, as Polls Show Wave of Optimism Sweeping the Nation.’ All right. You know, for a brief moment here, ladies and gentlemen, I, El Rushbo — America’s Anchorman, real anchorman — am gonna get on board. I want to show you how this works. ‘Obama Can Save Us, Says America, as Polls Show Wave of Optimism Sweeping the Nation.’ You know, he did. He gave a speech of optimism yesterday. He did. He gave a speech about personal responsibility. We talked about it in the first hour. The problem is that the people who are responsible in this country are the targets in Obamaville. At any rate, if America believes that only Obama can save us, they must believe that change is going to happen. I don’t think they know what change. I don’t think they care.

But I do, and I want to see change tomorrow. I am not going to wait. I am expecting miracles. I am part of the cult that believes that Obama is for hope and for change, and it’s happening tomorrow. It’s going down tomorrow, and the day after that, and it’s gonna change. We’re gonna get this change, and we’re gonna get hope with it. I don’t know what kind of change, and I don’t know what kind of hope. I mean, this can go both ways, too. If the change is we actually go to a depression, then I’m going to hope we don’t get there. And if we do go in a depression I’m gonna hope that we get out of there fast. Obama can save us! Here’s the UK Telegraph: ‘Barack Obama: Redefining the Male Physique — Obama works out 45 minutes, six days a week. What can other men learn from his example?’

We have one woman in our midst here. Wendy, when you hear about a headline, ‘Barack Obama Redefining the Male Physique,’ what’s your first reaction to that? Is it right? Do you look at Obama and say, ‘Wow! That’s what I want my man to look like’? Okay. Wendy just chimed in and said she liked muscle. Well, that ain’t Obama. Obama is a string bean. But look: Obama can save us! Obama redefining the male physique! One last note. One last note and I’m going to put this aside. You gotta put aside your beliefs. It’s time to cheer a liberal because his father was black. That’s what this is about. I’m probably a few days late in getting over it. Yesterday, friends, for many people, was just too much. I myself am getting bombarded even from my own affiliates.

‘Are you going to carry the inaugural? Are you going to watch the inaugural?’ Followed by, ‘It’s historic.’ As I mentioned earlier, I thought it was historic when the first black conservative was sworn in the Supreme Court, but it wasn’t. I don’t recall that even celebrated by anybody on the left. I don’t recall anybody saying, ‘We must hope President Reagan succeeds. We must hope President Bush succeeds. We must hope President Nixon succeeds.’ I don’t remember anybody saying this about any other president, and there are people that are demanding that you and I set aside our beliefs and cheer for Obama, and it sorta puzzles me. That is the ultimate use of race to force a result. It’s the ultimate use of race to disarm critics, by liberals to further their own ends. If somebody doesn’t cheer for Obama, and hope for nothing but the very best for that particular liberal, then they are racist, ‘because we must all acknowledge what a great event this is.’

Never mind that he’s a liberal. Never mind he’s gonna work to push the country into an economic abyss. I’m not breaking new ground here, folks. I’ve said this over and over again, but it is what it is. We’re going to be told to cheer for Ted Kennedy when his effort to nationalize health care is presented. ‘He’s dying, folks. Can’t you understand what this would mean to Senator Kennedy? Shame on you! Can’t you set aside your politics and pay tribute to this great man? His brothers were murdered. He has cancer. Let’s pull together on this one. We need national health care now…for Ted Kennedy.’ That’s exactly how that’s going to go down. When it was announced that Ronald Reagan had Alzheimer’s, the left didn’t ask if they could pass a tax cut in his honor. Did they? Nor when Charlton Heston, Moses, announced that he had Alzheimer’s. The left didn’t say, ‘Let’s all go buy a gun for our own protection in his honor.’

In fact, they made jokes on both occasions about Reagan’s Alzheimer’s and Charlton Heston’s. So what we have here is just example of political correctness: ‘Thou shalt worship a liberal. Thou shalt double worship a black liberal. Thou shalt not worship a black conservative.’ So we have a sickening, cult-like circus going on here with everybody being asked (or commanded) to set aside their core beliefs and principles and get on board for wherever we’re going, wherever it’s headed, even if we don’t want to go.

By the way, try this. AP-Obama. Get this headline: ‘The Burden of Home Ownership Spread Unequally.’ Subheadline: ‘Minority Homeowners are Most Likely to Have an Unaffordable Mortgage.’ Well, shazam! Could that be because they should never have had the mortgage in the first place? But what is this ‘burden of home ownership’ and how the hell is it spread unequally? Why does everything have to be equal? Don’t you people on the left understand, that’s the problem? You cannot force equality on people. You cannot force sameness! ‘When it comes to homeownership, Hispanics in New Jersey, single parents in California and senior citizens in Rhode Island all have something in common: More than a third have an unaffordable mortgage.’ Well…? (sigh) God.

Whose fault is that? Whose fault is it? In the era where Obama is talking about people becoming responsible and everybody doing their part, we are in the midst of a mortgage bailout where precisely the people who never should have gotten the mortgage in the first place, who can’t afford it now are going to be left in their homes with other people paying the mortgage. ‘Inequality in America has traditionally followed familiar patterns of race, age and education. Those long-standing gaps have been magnified by the real estate boom,’ and blah, blah, blah.

‘While minorities have made significant gains in wealth and home ownership since 1990, ‘things are going into reverse gear,’ and now the home ownership rate for blacks and Hispanics is falling, said Edward Wolff, a New York University economist who studies income and wealth distribution.’ Hardest hit in California and Florida. California and Florida, women and children. ‘The most financially burdened are in California, Florida, Nevada, and the Northeast, areas hardest hit by soaring home prices and now foreclosures. The burden is clearly more arduous among minority households.’ The burden? The burden of home ownership? I thought home ownership was the American dream. Now it’s a burden, and it’s ‘shared,’ meaning some people can afford and some people can’t and that’s not fair? This is change?

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