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Rush’s Morning Update: Hope-Change
January 21, 2009

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My friends, the grand pomp and circumstance is over…at least for the moment. The magnificent walk into destiny has been accomplished. The original sin which has plagued this nation since our founding has been temporarily relegated to the sidelines, overshadowed by the emergence of “The One.”

The Messiah, Lord Barack Hussein Obama The Most Merciful — The incarnation of Abraham Lincoln, FDR, and JFK — is the 44th President of the United States of America, and First Emperor of the World.

With that business over, it’s time for hope-change. Much has been promised; much must be delivered.

Today, America has no enemies. All the nations of the world are now our friends. And now that our standing in the world has been reestablished thanks to “The One,” we must not squander these valued relationships with petty concerns over our own national security or interest.


Perplexing issues which have long plagued us will finally be resolved. Everyone will have health care, paid in full. Everyone will have a good job. We’re not talking burger flipping, either. Our infrastructure will be reborn; some streets will be made of gold. Social Security, Medicare: fixed. Climate problems: fixed! Quality education: universal. No more foreclosures. No more homelessness. No more hunger. No more strife. No more strain. And 95% of us will get tax cuts. Our banks will flow with cash! Accountability and responsibility have returned.

Hope-change has arrived.

Say Amen!

That was the message of the poet. I’ll have an analysis of Obama’s inaugural address in tomorrow’s update.

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