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RUSH: Let’s get started with some of the audio sound bites. Yesterday morning on MSNBC, Joe Scarborough was talking to Tom Brokaw, and they talked about Brokaw running into former Weatherman Mark Rudd. Now the point of this is, as you listen to this, this is a glimpse into the mind of a liberal. As far as Brokaw is concerned, a terrorist from the sixties can be ‘rehabbed.’

BROKAW: The other night at a party, a man came up to me that I knew instantly (chuckles), and it was Mark Rudd who is a poster child for the —


BROKAW: — sixties, and he formed the Weathermen after the protests at Columbia. And he grabbed me and said talking about the book in which General, uh, Powell appears, uh, Boom, the 1960s. He’s in it. He said, ‘You treated me very well. I liked the documentary as well. Keep talking about the importance of nonviolence.’ He was one who said he wanted to launch a violent revolution against this country, and he said, ‘Use me as an example.’ I don’t mind you doing that, because I’ve learned over the years.

RUSH: So Brokaw wanted to bend over and grab the ankles over a former admitted terrorist who wants Brokaw to use him as a proponent of nonviolence today because this guy’s grown up and he’s learned his evil ways. Now, listen to Brokaw on the same show, talk about bigots and rednecks.

BROKAW: I just want to say one thing. Eh, having been in the South in the sixties and Los Angeles and Watts and northern urban areas, umm, uh, when we were evolving as a country. I’m thinking of all the bigots and the rednecks and all the people that I met along the way, and I’m saying to them, ‘Take this.’

RUSH: There you have it. ‘Take this’ means take Obama. Take this election, you redneck bigots! I have told you time and time again: This is what those of you who live in certain geographical parts of this country are thought of by the people that run major network newscasts. Brokaw is not the only one. He just voiced it. These people are so excited. They don’t care what Obama stands for. It doesn’t matter to them. What matters is they think they got him there, and they loooove telling you rednecks and bigots, ‘Take this,’ because they hate your guts with a purple passion, and they have always hated your guts with a purple passion, because they think you are un-reformable. They think you cannot be rehabbed. You are no different today than in the 1960s, except Mr. Brokaw conveniently forgets that the rednecks and bigots he’s talking about were Democrats: Bull Connor, J. William Fulbright. All these segregationists were of the party that Tom Brokaw salivates over today. ‘Take this.’ This is the sole importance of this election to people in the Drive-By Media. It’s to all of you pukes who haven’t got the courage and the intelligence to understand just how you ruined this country. Take this! It’s back at you, bub. You talk about hatred and you talk about bigotry? You have just heard it articulated in the mumbling voice of Tom Brokaw.


RUSH: Monday night on the Charlie Rose Show on PBS — now, remember, Charlie Rose and Brokaw before the election had this conversation about, ‘Who is Obama? What does he stand for? We don’t even know. We don’t know who his influences are. We don’t know what books he’s read. We don’t know anything about him.’ And I said, ‘Tom, dispatch a reporter. You work at NBC, find out about this.’ So Monday night, Charlie Rose back with New York Times Magazine Matt Bai, and they’re talking about Obama.

ROSE: What does he mean by change?

BAI: We’ve projected onto this man every manner of change we all think is necessary. I happen to think generational change is very, very important, and there are people who think changes in equality are very, very important, there are people who think policy change, foreign policy change, domestic policy change, whatever you want it to mean, is what he’s bringing.

RUSH: Whatever you want it to mean. He’s a blank slate. And he’s playing this up. If it were me, I would put a stop to this. I would tell people, ‘Grow up and get real. You’re the ones that have to turn this around. You’re the ones that have to make this country work.’ I would be scared to death of people looking at me as a religious cult figure. I wouldn’t want it. Who can live up to it? That’s the point, by the way, that Juan Williams makes in his column. It’s really, really a good, good column that Juan Williams has in the Wall Street Journal. I’ll get to it in the next hour. One more from Tom Brokaw. This is also on their special, The Inauguration of Barack Obama, on NBC. He’s talking with Matt Lauer.

BROKAW: You know, when I look at these older African-Americans, especially, that are being wheeled in here, I think of the old gospel, ‘Nobody knows the troubles I’ve seen, nobody knows my sorrow.’ All that they have been through in their lifetime. The way they were humiliated.

LAUER: It’s emotional and heady stuff.

RUSH: That was Matt Lauer, trying to comfort Brokaw, who had been reduced to tears thinking of the humiliation of all the older African-Americans who were being wheeled in there. This was after he had said on the Morning Joe program in response to Obama’s victory, all you bigots and racists in the South, take that. He was quite moved by all of this.

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