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RUSH: Rich in Moscow Mills, Missouri, nice to have you with us, sir.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, my friend, good talking to you.

RUSH: Same here, sir.

CALLER: Listen, before I get into it, I gotta tell you you look good in green.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: My wife tells me I look good in green, but I never put it on. Now I see you and she tells me, ‘That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you.’

RUSH: For those of you not watching on the Dittocam, I’m wearing a green golf shirt today. That’s what Rich is commenting on here.

CALLER: Yeah, and it’s rare. Usually red, blue, white, you know, my choices. But the reason I called is going through this Obama thing, I’m sitting here and I’m thinking in 20 years since 1989, I doubted you. And that was in 1992, when the hoopla was Perot. Now, this is on a small scale compared to Obama, but, you know, I recall the hoopla about him, and I remember you saying, ‘A hand grenade with a bad haircut.’

RUSH: Little hand grenade with a bad haircut, right.

CALLER: And I thought, ‘How can he say that?’ about this guy that I was caught up in. Well, you know, I’m Monday morning now, and you were on target. So my only statement would be you do not say, ‘Do not doubt me,’ enough.

RUSH: Well, it’s interesting that you called and said this today, Rich, because during one of the breaks I’ve gone through my own periods of frustration here, and I’ve been open about them, about some of the denseness that exists in the apparent skulls full of mush not only in this country but in the broadcasting business, about all of this. I told Snerdley, ‘You know what this reminds me of? It reminds me of Perot in 1992.’ My then broadcast partners — this has not happened in this instance, but my then broadcast partners, on a flight back from a sales conference in Atlanta, said, ‘You really gotta change what you’re saying about Perot. Those people that love Perot, they are your audience. We’re going to lose advertisers; we’re going to lose listeners; you’re driving your audience away. You’re going to have to come out and love Perot.’ And I said, ‘You guys are wrong. This is going to send ratings through the roof, but I’m not going to tell people what I don’t believe.’

The same thing’s happening here, except it’s no longer my business associates, it’s members of the audience that called yesterday, ‘You gotta give him a chance, this is horrible. What do you mean, you want him to fail?’ I can’t believe how stupid people are to misunderstand when I have been perfectly clear about that. How many Democrats you think wanted Bush to succeed? How many Democrats do you think wanted Reagan to succeed? I mean, for crying out loud, this is so sophomoric. Of course I want his policies to fail. They are socialist. At any rate, I’m not changing what I think about this, and I’m not going to alter what I say what I think about it, so get used to it!

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