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RUSH: Now, this Caroline Kennedy thing, she may have a lawsuit, folks. Let me walk you through this. I mean, we’ve got a mob war between the Kennedys and the Cuomos now. We have a Democrat appointed to Hillary’s Senate seat who’s a Blue Dog Democrat. She opposed the first TARP bailout. She is pro gun, she’s pro-NRA — and of course New York liberal Democrats are fit to be tied over this. But let’s focus on Caroline Kennedy for just a second, because she may have a lawsuit. This woman is a Democrat, and she is a Kennedy. We are finding out that she has been forced out of the running for a Kennedy entitlement: a US Senate seat. For what reasons? Get these reasons. This is what Paterson said. Paterson said she was never seriously considered once the vetting process was complete because she ‘was mired’ … This is a quote, now: ”mired in some potentially embarrassing personal issues,’ the source said, citing tax liabilities and worker compensation liabilities connected to the employment of a nanny.’

Well, the Treasury secretary just got appointed despite all of that! ‘The source also said the state of her marriage may have presented a problem as well. ‘She has a tax problem that came up in the vetting and a potential nanny issue,’ the source said. And reporters are starting to look at her marriage more closely,’ the source continued, refusing to provide any specifics.’ Well, hell’s bells, folks! Marriage problems? She’s a Kennedy! Of course she has marriage problems. That’s the point. Why have a Kennedy in public office with no marriage problems? We are talking about the Kennedys here. This is a standard no Kennedy could meet. Potentially embarrassing personal issues, as though that’s a liability? That’s a requirement if you are a Kennedy. In fact, it’s a badge of honor. My gosh, folks, I am convinced the world has gone crazy.

Then we hear she has tax problems. Of course she has tax problems; she’s a Democrat! Ask Al Franken about not paying taxes, and he might win the Senate seat in Minnesota. Ask Timothy Geithner. He’s a tax cheat, and he’s going to be seated as the secretary of the Treasury, which runs the IRS! Both of these guys are males, I might point out. If tax problems are an issue… They’re resume enhancers. These are just ‘innocent mistakes.’ Charlie Rangel, he writes tax policy at the House Ways and Means Committee. He’s got tax problems that I’m sure make Caroline Kennedy’s look small change, which would not help her resume. If you’re going to have tax problems, do ’em big if you’re a Democrat, like Geithner, like Charlie Rangel. But this would never happen to a male Kennedy. This is my point.

They would probably hold it against her if she drank a court of Chivas Regal every night, like the real men in her family. Correct me if I’m wrong, but Caroline Kennedy is not a Republican the last time I checked, so what the hell is this? Why are they holding her to standards only Republicans are held to? Potential nanny issue? Good grief, she’s a liberal Democrat! If the nanny is an illegal immigrant, she’s a hero! They want amnesty for these people. She’s doing the Lord’s work by having an illegal immigrant as a nanny. She’s in line for the presidency. Am I missing something here? This is an outrage. I don’t know how the Kennedy family is putting up with this. And I understand that the Kennedy family is a little upset, but they’re upset with her, because apparently one of the things she said, when she pulled herself out of the running here is that, ‘Well, Ted had the seizure the other day and his health is not the best.’

That just flabbergasted and fulminated over at the Kennedy compound in Hyannis, they didn’t like being used as the excuse here. Caroline Kennedy comes from a family has built a reputation going back to good old Joe Kennedy, of not playing by the rules and being rewarded for it. How can this Senate seat being taken away from Caroline Kennedy with these reasons? These are reasons to deny it to a Republican. But these reasons are resume enhancements for a Democrat. I’ve lost my bearings here. What can anyone believe anymore? Caroline Kennedy should sue. She should go on 60 Minutes; she should go on Oprah. She may be an order of fries short of a Happy Meal, but that’s never stopped anybody else in her family. Why her? She may be entitled to feel as if she’s royalty. If history is any guide, she should. I don’t know, folks. (sigh)

You know, this is just a tragedy, and it’s a travesty. All the male Kennedys get celebrated for this kind of stuff. They’re applauded. They’re called great liberal lions. She comes along and they trash her and said she never had a shot. That’s what it says in the New York Post: ‘In a stunning revelation, a source close to Gov. David Paterson insisted this afternoon that the governor ‘had no intention’ of picking Caroline Kennedy for New York’s vacant senate seat — because she was ‘mired’ in an issue over taxes, her nanny and possibly her marriage.’ Mired in some potentially embarrassing personal issues, like that’s a problem for a Democrat? A problem for a Kennedy? What would be odd as if she were clean and pure as the wind-driven snow. That’s what would, I think, stand in the way. The New York Times: ‘Housekeeper and Taxes are Said to Derail Kennedy’s Bid,’ and they go into their own version of this. I don’t know why Barack didn’t stand up for her.

Well, yeah, I do. He was learning the executive orders that Greg Craig wrote at about the time this happened. Now, who is the new Senate pick? Governor Paterson is defying the liberal wing of his Democrat part. The Cuomos here, this is… (sigh) He has chosen a little-known NRA-backed upstate congresswoman Kirsten Gillibrand to succeed Hillary Clinton. She opposed the TARP bailout, the first one. She votes for NRA-type legislation. She has won two successive elections in one of the heaviest GOP districts in the state. As a Democrat, she’s done this. This has shaken up everything in New York. Now not only do they think something’s big time wrong with Caroline Kennedy, they also think something’s wrong with the governor. Do you realize the scope of this? I don’t think you do. This is a liberal Democrat governor stabbing his own party in the back with this pick, after trashing the reputation of Caroline Kennedy in the process! Hope? Change? Peace? Love? Good grief! I want to see what acrimony is going to look like in this administration.


RUSH: I will say this. As best I can tell, the new senator from New York seems to be marginally hotter than the former senator and I think will probably be less stressful on the eyes as we watch her age. You know how unfair our culture is to women. I mean, just saying, this represents an overhaul that is pleasant on a number of levels.

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