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Rush’s Morning Update: Partisanship!
January 27, 2009

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What do you suppose the reaction would be– especially in the Drive-By Media– if I said: “Democrats are bad people…who deserve a two-by-four upside their heads”? Or if I said an “untainted Democrat has not yet been invented”?

Well, those two quotes were once uttered by Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel– only they were aimed at Republicans. Emanuel called Republicans bad, tainted people who deserve to be whacked on the head with lumber. And he said not one Republican is untainted. These quotes appeared in a New York Times article describing Emanuel as “arguably the second most powerful manin the country.” The adoring profile praises Emanuel’s loyalty, his influence onObama’s thinking,and his fierce partisanship.

Now, despite what you’ve heard, partisanship is alive and well– on the Democrat side. Almost every day the president rolls back another Bush-era policywith verbal jabs at his predecessor. No problem; elections have consequences, and he won (as he boasted in a meeting on Friday with Republican leaders).

Partisan Democrats want Republicans to never regain power. That’s why Obama is painting Republicans as the obstacle to his trillion-dollar stimulus plan–when the truth is Republicans don’t have the votes to stop it anyway! That’s also why the president is brazenly telling Republicans who they should not listen to. This is the “Great Unifier”?

No, my friends: Partisanship is alive and well. And that’s whyI, El Rushbo, am not going to back down…or back off.

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