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RUSH: Robert Gibbs was just asked about me by Major Garrett of Fox News during his presidential briefing. We have the sound bite. Major Garrett asked Robert Gibbs, the press secretary, ‘When the president said, ‘I won,’ what does that mean? And the comment about Rush Limbaugh, what did he mean by that?’

GIBBS: Tell him I said hi. The first one, I think I’ve had this conversation, I think Rahm has had this conversation with a few of you, there were discussions about the exact composition of tax cuts, different types of tax cuts, the president ran on a series of tax cuts that are — some of which are and some of which aren’t in the recovery and reinvestment plan. Republicans are other tax cuts and ideas. The president said that he felt confident with the tax cuts that he’d run on, that the people had weighed in on what they thought might be a good way to stimulate the economy. He said he won, and the next thing that happened is everybody laughed. So this wasn’t cowboy diplomacy. This was I think a rather lighthearted moment in a meeting that he was pleased to host in order to have Democrats and Republicans talk extensively about their ideas for getting this economy moving.

RUSH: Now, wait a minute, he’s talking about the ‘I won’ comment there. I’m trying to maintain my composure here and not yell and shout. It was a lighthearted moment in a meeting that he was pleased to host in order to have Democrats and Republicans talk extensively about their ideas about getting the economy moving? He shut down the conversation on tax cuts by saying, nope, I’m going to trump that, I won. He shut it down. He was eliminating all talk in that meeting about tax cuts with the ‘I won’ comment, which was made to Eric Cantor from Virginia, who was the one who proposed the tax cuts. I have a proposal. It’s at RushLimbaugh.com. I spent my first monologue in the second hour today detailing this. It is serious. It is genuine. And it is bipartisan. It is the essence of bipartisan. I’ll give you the nut of it. The nut of it is he wants to spend a trillion dollars in stimulus. He got 54% of the vote. He lost 46% of the vote. So he gets $540 billion to spend his way, with his infrastructure and all that, and the Republicans get $460 billion to spend their way, tax cuts, corporate, capital gains, real estate tax cuts, and we’ll see side-by-side which one works so that we will know in the next recession what to do.

It’s genuinely bipartisan and it’s designed to stop the acrimony now. It’s designed to get the economy going today. Dow Jones Industrial Average is flirting at zero, after all these executive orders, after all these economic plans, after this press conference today with Gibbs. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is not moving. Markets look to Washington to get some idea on the future. That’s not good, but that’s the way it is. They’re not liking what they see, the markets aren’t. My plan, they would love, and I offered it, folks. This is not a gimmick, and it’s not a trick, it’s not a ploy of any kind. It was a serious proposal.

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