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RUSH: Larry in Kansas City, Kansas, as we go back to the phones. Glad you waited, sir. Welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Well, Rush, I just want to say that I’m definitely a part of your 1% club. Article 1, Section 8 in the Ninth and Tenth Amendment basically say in plain terms Congress keep your hands off the private sector and the free market. There’s nowhere in the Constitution where it says that they have the right for bailouts, to take control of the private sector. I applaud what you’re doing, and count me in that 1%. If people want to buy a jet, let ’em buy a jet.

RUSH: Well, you know, there have been people raise questions about the constitutionality of the bailouts on the basis that you’ve mentioned, but somebody’s gotta bring the case. Somebody’s gotta bring it up. Nobody’s going to bring the case that it’s unconstitutional, on whatever grounds that you decide. Therefore, we’re back to where we always are: the constant informing and educating of the American people. And, by the way, we’re talking about hope and change? I’m reeeally looking for some hope and change. And one of my big hopes is that at some point enough Americans finally wake up and say, ‘Wait a minute! We’re fed up with the way you people are spending money here.’ We can hope. We just had a campaign on it. And I’m hoping, and I’m hoping for immediate change, and I’ll tell you this: The president of the United States hopes I fail. Try that.

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