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RUSH: One of the networks that has refused to even be curious about what’s in Obama’s plan and what I have said about Obama, is MSNBC. And one of the leading culprits of MSNBC with no curiosity and no investigative skills being employed, is Norah O’Donnell. Yesterday afternoon, Norah O’Donnell had the Street Sweetie on, Erin Burnett from CNBC, who I spoke with along with her co-anchor Mark Haines yesterday morning. And O’Donnell wanted Erin Burnett to explain what I had said. Now, all you have to do is listen to what I said! But she brings in the Street Sweetie to explain what I said.

BURNETT: In the interview with us today he was very specific to say he supported the president. He just doesn’t support his policies. So I think it’s clear he’s trying to make a real policy statement here rather than just saying something outrageous, and when you actually read the op-ed that he wrote in the Wall Street Journal, there were some interesting ideas in there. One of them was cutting the corporate tax. That’s not something in there, but a lot of lawmakers and economists think it would be a good idea. Another idea he had was slashing capital gains. So both of those are serious things to say.

RUSH: Norah O’Donnell could have read the op-ed. I’m not saying she would have understood it, but she could have read it. But she brings the Street Sweetie, and I understand why cross promotion. It’s the same umbrella. It’s NBC. Then we move further to CNBC last night, the Kudlow Report. He’s talking to the chief economist at the BenchMark Financial Network, Jerry Bowyer. I’m not sure I’m pronouncing that route. Bowyer? What is it? It’s Bo-yer or Bow-yer, I’m not sure which. But here is the exchange they had.

KUDLOW: Will Obama respond to it? That’s the part I’m interested in.


KUDLOW: He may comment on it!


KUDLOW: Knowing Mr. Obama, as I have slightly from our dinner with conservative pundit(s), maybe he’ll meet with Rush Limbaugh. Now, what do you make of it? Are those possibilities?

BOWYER: They’re definitely possibilities. See, he already elevated Rush Limbaugh to the official opposition. He unwittingly made Rush Limbaugh — a master communicator. He challenged him to a duel, and Rush is saying, ‘Okay, let’s duel. Here I am in the Wall Street Journal. Mr. President, it’s your turn.’

RUSH: This was last night on CNBC where Larry Kudlow didn’t think it’s a good idea and will Obama want to talk to me about it, and I said yesterday I would be willing to build bridges and roads from the EIB Network to the White House to go explain the Obama-Limbaugh stimulus bill of 2009. It’s a genuine stimulus. I’d do a joint appearance with him. Most definitely. I’d do what’s best for the country, what’s best for America. That’s right. I would join him in that if that was his attention.

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