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Rush’s Morning Update: Seed Planted!
Original Airdate: March 18, 2008

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Well, though the rise and fall (ahem) of Eliot Spitzer is no longer frontal-page news, the impact may be with us for a while, folks. An AP story hails the benefits of Sweden’s approach to the prostitution bidness, hinting that we oughta take a closer look at it ourselves.

Nine years ago, the “enlightened” Swedes decided that prostitutes should not be subject to the force of law for selling their intimate goods — because it wasn’t their fault. As one official put it: “We don’t have a problem with prostitutes… we have a problem with the men who buy sex.”

So under the “Sex Purchase Law,” prostitutes are off the hook;regarded, legally, as the “victims.” But men who pay for sex face fines and jail terms of up to six months. Swedish legislator Marianne Eriksson recalls that when she introduced the concept to the Parliament, it was ridiculed. “It was the most absurd thing they ever heard,” she says. “Many of them roared with laughter.” Well that laugher has since died– especially after some Swedish judges were caught in sex scandals, including a Supreme Court justice who was fined after he admitted to paying for sexwith another man. (Idiot! You pay them to leave!)

Anyway, you probably think such a law could never pass here;it would turn the sex bidness on its head,as it were. You’re wrong, folks.America’s victim industry is alive and well. So the ground is laid, just waiting for the seed to be planted –so to speak, of course. Heh, heh, heh!

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