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RUSH: I was just reminded that I need to tell you how something ended up, just reminded in an e-mail. Remember the Friday before the Super Bowl, my last day here before going on the vacation, which was not a surprise, which was long scheduled, we had a call from Pensacola, a woman named Carol. Remember that? She was from Pittsburgh, she’s had a tough year, she’s close to my age, mid-fifties, she hasn’t worked in a year, she had to leave Pittsburgh and move to Pensacola to be with one of her children for a time because times are tough. I think she said she’d never seen the Steelers play, and I asked her, ‘Well, are you going to the Super Bowl, it’s right down the road from Pensacola.’ ‘Oh, no, no, no, I can’t go.’ Kathryn was in Tampa and we had an open channel here on an IM, ‘We can get her a couple tickets and we can get her a hotel room,’ and we left the program that day saying, ‘Okay, you hang on, Carol, we’ll call you back and we’ll get this all set up,’ and I wanted to tell you that it all worked out.

She got her two tickets. They were in the end zone, upper level of the end zone. It turned out to be the Steelers end zone, she saw a lot of action down there. She got a hotel room and I think they drove down and back, but they got everything, and I remember on the air she was crying, she was ecstatic, and she got to see her Steelers win in one of the greatest Super Bowls ever. So it all worked out. I had a bunch of business associates over there for the weekend in one of the skyboxes, and I flew over for dinner with them on Friday night, ’cause I was not going to be able to go to the game on Sunday, I had my own little bash here. But they went out, Carol and her son showed up and they went out to dinner with our sponsors that were in Tampa for the weekend. They just had the greatest time, it was very, very cool, and it could not have gone any better for them. Everybody involved in it made it happen well, it was an extremely happy moment for her and her son, who works for the Department of Defense up in Pensacola, to be part of. So I wanted to tell you it all worked out, even better than anybody dreamed.

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