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Rush’s Morning Update: Now You Know
February 11, 2009

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Do you remember, folks, it wasn’t long ago the pundit class in Washington — including some conservatives –telling us to swallow the notion that Obama would govern from the center?

Well here we are, we’re not even a month in and so far we’ve got Porkulus, the biggest spending orgy in history. It has a bunch of hidden things in it. Itallows the government to monitor the medical treatment you get from your doctor, it allows the government to ration health care for the elderly, and place limits on experimental treatments.It also hasa new surprise, lifting travel restrictions to Cuba. Now that’s in addition to the billions of dollars earmarked for the expansion of the welfare state, and billions in payoffs to groups like ACORN.

We have a deputy attorney general pick, David Ogden. The porn industry loves this guy because of his legal advocacy for them. We’ve got Obama’s Solicter General choice, Elena Kagan,she kickedthe military off Harvard law school’s campus when she was dean.

We have a Treasury secretary who didn’t pay his taxes, but he lectures the financial markets now. We’ve hadwithdrawalsof other candidates who weretax cheats before they facedtheir own hearings. Multiple lobbyists have been hired who violate Obama’s own anti-lobbying rules.

We’ve had orders to close Club Gitmo, no plans to deal with the terrorists kept there; no plan for Iraq or Afghanistan; but we have an express desire to deal with Iran’s anti-American regime.Oh, we also havean order from President Obama that you people not listen to me. Now, you know why.

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Download Morning Update Video in QuickTime

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