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RUSH: On Tuesday when I came to the Golden EIB Microphone — by the way, I, even though you know this, am Rush Limbaugh, and this is the EIB Network — when I came to the golden microphone on Tuesday following the Obama press conference, I made the observation, I thought at times during that press conference I was listening to Fidel Castro, who is known for making four hour speeches and saying nothing. I thought this press conference was Castro-like. First answer went 12 minutes. We take you now to PBS, the Tavis Smiley show last night. He interviewed Cuban activist Carlos Moore. Tavis Smiley said, ‘How did you do this dance, as it were, with Castro? You see him as an authentic social reformer, but he let you down on this particular issue of racism.’MOORE: Castro was larger than life to us. We had faith in this leader. And we felt that the fact that he had confronted imperialism, confronted the United States, and had the courage to do what he did, because Castro is a very courageous man, he’s a nationalist, he’s an anti-imperialist and he’s a man who’s committed to social reform, there is no question about this.

RUSH: This is a Cuban intellectual. Now, Castro’s destroyed the country. And so you see, you have a savior complex, you have a messianic complex. He cares about social reform? How can anybody with a brain say this? How can anybody who thinks say this? This prompted the following reply from Tavis Smiley.

SMILEY: I heard as interesting parallels between your experience back in the day and the experience that many young African-Americans, 17, like you were at one point are having today, 17, 18, and beyond. And that is, one, this notion of feeling that now we have a guy named Obama in the White House, we have President Obama now, there are many young people who are as ecstatic and as excited and as enthused about President Obama as you were about your new president, Fidel Castro.

RUSH: For crying out loud, I make a joke about it and here comes PBS actually comparing Obama to Castro, Tavis Smiley, and he’s happy about it! He compliments Obama. We’ve got our own Castro! God help us!

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