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Rush’s Morning Update: Blue Dogs!
February 12, 2009

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During the last two election cycles, House Democrats recruited supposed conservative Democrats to run in Republican-leaning districts. These “Blue Dog”Democrats, as they’re called, often sounded more conservative than their Republican opponents. They campaigned on fiscal responsibility and traditional values. Andthey won.

This week, the 49-member Blue Dog Coalition emerged from meeting with President Obama, singing the praises of his massive Porkulus spending bill. They told Obama they understand he’s got to do what he’s got to do. Never mind fiscal responsibility or deficits,just spend away –he’s got their support.

None of this is surprising. It’s politics as usual;no change from the liberal playbook. I don’t care if they’re Blue Dogs, Yellow Dogs, or Lavender Dogs. When they get to Washington, these House Democrats are all Nancy Pelosi’s Lap Dogs. They roll over and bark on her cue and let her scratch their stomachsif they expect to be supported for reelection. She’s their master –not the voters who elected them.

The only reason I mention thisis because there’s a roadmap herefor the Republican Party as it’s being retooled. You guys want to know how to win elections again? Here’s one thing:Stop recruiting and sending moderates to do battle in conservativedistricts!They’ll lose. Wanna win? Run real conservatives, with track records rooted in real conservative values,who won’t water down their beliefs to appease the vaunted “moderate” voters –theydon’t have a clue what they’re voting onanyway. Just ignore ’em, like I do!

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