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RUSH: Open Line, Last Chance Friday, and we go to the phones, and we’re going to start in New Bern, North Carolina. This is Edwin. Glad you called, sir, nice to have you here.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, mega dittos. I’m a long time fan of your show.

RUSH: Right, right, right.

CALLER: It’s been a thrill to listen to you over the years. Sometimes, Rush — I have two points. Sometimes, Rush, I would wish — I don’t think it could ever happen — can you go one week without being so critical to everybody?

RUSH: Who’s being critical?

CALLER: No, at times you can be very critical, and —

RUSH: You misunderstand, Edwin. If you were a regular listener, you would understand that I am trying to be inspirational, informative, and educational. I love America. I hate to see it in the process of being so damaged this way, and I’m sorry, I have a full knowledge of American history, I have a full understanding of the ideological intents of liberals versus conservatives, and I steadfastly oppose liberalism, it is a core principle and belief, wherever it is. I’m out to educate people to its dangers so that it can not reach the position it has reached today, and we face a tragic future, Edwin. It’s my duty to inform people of this.

CALLER: Well, and you do a marvelous job —

RUSH: I know that, thank you very much.

CALLER: But at times, sometimes I listen to you and I want to take a can of Spam and just throw it at my radio, ’cause sometimes, I mean, how would you like if somebody was critical about you on the radio for as many hours that you’re on during the week every day?

RUSH: Edwin, you know —

CALLER: I mean —

RUSH: Next you’re going to ask me, ‘Why don’t we just give Obama some time here,’ or something —

CALLER: No, no.

RUSH: Like they gave George W. Bush time.

CALLER: No, I’ve written to President Obama, and I wish that he and you would get together on the next — ’cause I don’t think this whole call —

RUSH: Edwin, President Obama has told the country not to listen to me.

CALLER: Oh, see, that’s just stupid, because I think that information is power, and from a person of my perspective who is an American, a minority, who served in the military, I think information is power and I think somebody in his administration —

RUSH: You have a perfect conservative resume, everything except the knowledge to go along with it, otherwise you wouldn’t be questioning me about anything that I’m doing and you’re saying if you’re such a fan. You asked, Edwin, how would I like being criticized? Edwin, look, you’re forcing me to talk about myself here. I do not like to because it sounds like complaining. Edwin you don’t know what criticism is. I not only face criticism, I’ve got ex-presidents saying I should be shut down, Edwin. I have had the Senate majority leader try to have me censored and thrown off of the radio. I am criticized multiple times everyday on the most obscure, wacko, leftist websites you can imagine. How would I like it? Edwin, I am a target, but pioneers take the arrows, my friends. You know, I love my country, Edwin. I don’t believe in sitting around and giving somebody a chance to destroy it. That’s not patriotic. I would be failing in my duty as a citizen to just sit back under the notion, ‘Hey, give him the benefit of the doubt, hey, give him some time, hey, he’s a new president, give him a honeymoon.’ Not while he is fundamentally — and he promised to do this — not while he is fundamentally transforming this country into a country it has never been.

I’m not going to sit around under any pretense and let that happen. I am not going to be bipartisan. I’m not going to give the benefit of the doubt to somebody about whom I have no doubt. I know exactly who Obama is, I know exactly what he plans, it’s happening in front of our eyes. You ought to wake up and see it, Edwin, you ought to be able to see what’s happening, and it ought to alarm you if you are the citizen that you have described to me in this phone call. Frankly, my friends, don’t worry — Edwin, thanks very much, I appreciate it — don’t worry, I didn’t buy it. We know that’s a seminar caller. Big fan, listened to you for years, love your show, but… But I’m happy for these kinds of calls. Whoever inspires these people to call thinks that these calls are going to provide massive embarrassment when in fact they’re just hanging curveballs, so give me more Edwins out there, leftists.


RUSH: Bipartisanship, yes, we’re supposed to sit around and compromise what we believe in just to get along. Let me ask you a question. Should Jesus have sat down with Satan and said, ‘Let’s come to an understanding, let’s make a deal’?

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