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RUSH: I want to go back to something that came up during the campaign. I spoke about it regarding George Miller and his congressional committee and some Harvard economist, I do not remember her name. I warned you that big changes are coming with 401(k)s and IRAs, that that’s a big pile of money the government wants its hands on. They’re going to eliminate — well, what this woman’s plan was, was to restore your 401(k) to August of 2008 levels before the crash and then they take it and they put it in your Social Security lockbox — hardy-har-har — and then they sell bonds to give you a guaranteed 3% return every year, and they eliminate the tax deduction for any annual contribution you make. This was heartily denied. ‘These were just hearings, Mr. Limbaugh. Again, you’re demonstrating that you’re willing to talk about things that you know nothing about. We were just conducting hearings and no serious plan to do this.’ Money magazine has a story about how, folks, they’re coming. It’s being looked at. The fact that it was mentioned last fall during the campaign and now the economy’s gotten worse and when I say the economy’s gotten worse, the government is losing money, and when the government loses money they come get it somewhere wherever there are huge piles and stashes of money. They will go do it, they’ll go get it and if they think that it’s costing them too much money to give you a tax deduction on your contributions every year, mark my words: it’s coming.

Everything else is going to hell in a hand basket, why not your 401(k)? It’s already been cut in half or more by the market plunge. If you’re looking around and you’re thinking, ‘They won’t do that to me. I’m just an average citizen.’ What do you think this is all about? The end user is an average citizen. I got the funniest e-mail over the weekend. It was a philanthropy group. ‘Rush, do you know of any activist organizations that are actually lobbying for patients in the area of health care?’ And I said, ‘Well, isn’t that what the Democrat Party is doing?’ I thought the Democrat Party was all for national health care so the patients didn’t get screwed. I thought the Democrat Party was the guardian of the average little guy. And of course this person wrote back, ‘Okay, touche, good point.’ I wrote back and I said, ‘Look, in authoritarian regimes, the end user always ends up getting the shaft, and the end user is John Q. Public.’ If you think the Democrat Party is looking out for you, if you think Obama’s looking out for you, you have been sold and you have bought the biggest bill of goods to come down the pike. This is all about looking after themselves. This is all about entrenching and empowering themselves. You ever stop to think, national health care, who’s it really going to benefit? Think it’s going to benefit you? Talk to the residents of Great Britain, talk to the residents of Canada, find out about nationalized health care, who it really benefits. But it isn’t you. It isn’t the end user.

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