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Rush’s Morning Update: Flying High
February 17, 2009

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During the economic stimulus debate, Democrats repeatedly smeared the private aviation industry starting with a vitriolic attack on auto executives who flew corporate jets to Washington for congressional hearings. Their accomplices in the Drive-By Media followed suit, with stories slamming companies scheduled to take delivery on aircraft they ordered years ago. At a town meeting, President Obama joined the witch hunt, saying executives, “Just can’t get corporate jets” to go to Las Vegas “on the taxpayer’s dime.”

I spent an hour on my show discussing how vital the private aviation industry is to this country’s economic health – and the millions of skilled jobs it produces. During that monologue, I also mentioned the large fleet of aircraft, identical to the corporate jets under attack, owned and flown by the government.

Circumstances have underscored the point. The Senate vote to pass the trillion-dollar Porkulus bill (which President Obama will sign today) was held open for five hours, because Democrats needed one more vote. Democrat Senator Sherrod Brown, in Ohio (because his mother had passed) was that deciding vote.

The White House made arrangements for Senator Brown to be flown in to vote and then taken back to Ohio – on a government private jet. There will be no humiliation, vilification, or worries over the taxpayer dime, because there are two sets of rules in America: One for elected Democrats. The other, for we the plebes, the peasants, the Great Unwashed, the Victims.

It’s over.

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