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Rush’s Morning Update: GOP Onions
February 18, 2009

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My friends, a few items today – starting with a plan to replace the state gas tax in Mass’chusetts. If the governor signs off, drivers would be tracked by a GPS device and taxed a quarter cent for each mile they drive. Republican Senator Scott Brown is fighting the plan, which he calls “outrageous.” He says if it’s implemented, the government would add a “whole new department of cronies” to monitor people’s movements.

In Kansas, Democrat Governor Kathleen Sebelius is trash-talking Republicans who control the state legislature. She is having a hissy fit because they won’t play along with her scheme to spend money that isn’t in the state’s main budget account, using accounting gimmicks. Republicans are demanding spending cuts. Meanwhile, Sebelius has suspended income tax refunds, and warned state employees that their paychecks might be late.

In Cah-li-fornia, some state employees are being furloughed, and public works projects stopped because Republicans refuse to go along with Democrat plans to raise taxes yet again to cover their budget shortfalls. Angry, hysterical Democrats leaders held Republicans hostage in a legislative session that lasted 30 hours to break their will. And, so far, they’ve failed. The Republicans are holding.

Add to the mix the Republicans in Washington standing firm against Obama’s massive Porkulus bill, and we’re seeing a trend. In the face of massive tax-and-spend Democrat schemes, Republicans are showing, ehhhh… some onions out there!

And it’s a welcome sign. Keep at it, guys.

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