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“Bipartisanship only happens when one side gives in. That’s why we despise bipartisanship here at the Limbaugh Institute. We never quit.”

“Do you realize people can do whatever they want and say it’s in the stimulus bill and who’s going to know? Nobody has read this thing. So the stimulus bill can be pretty much what anybody wants it to be.”

“We have a mining operation for the truth. We dig deep; we find it; we proclaim it; we cause people to go nuts. That means you have to have courage, the courage to deal with the truth, to listen to this program and not go insane.”

“Do you believe the level of corruption that doesn’t even get reported on in this administration?”

“If you run a dirt bike business, say good-bye to it. Government regulations are about to ruin yet another business.”

“Liberals are liberals everywhere. They think the same way.”

“Bill Clinton is a Democrat, and he signed welfare reform into service, and it worked. It worked beyond all expectations. So many lives were improved, so many people were taken off the welfare rolls — and now Obama has gotten rid of it, along with the far-left extremists in the Congress.”

“There are no coincidences. It’s like with the Clintons. There’s a reason for everything they do.”

“When the economy rebounds for whatever reason — and it will not be the stimulus package — we have a totally-in-the-tank, sycophantic, they’re-going-to-die-of-anal-poisoning-someday media that cannot wait to credit Barack Obama for any, the smallest little economic uptick.”

“There is a race here to beat capitalism. The question is: Can capitalism overcome this based on these gazillions of individuals in this country that you don’t know and I don’t know? They’re faceless, they’re nameless, but they’re the people that make this country work.”

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