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RUSH: I want to ask a question to my friends in the conservative media, the conservative DC establishment intelligentsia media, all of those of you who said that Obama would be a moderate, that he would have to govern from the center because he would not be able to go ahead and be as far left as the average Democrat in Congress is, all of you, all of you who said the way to fight this is by nominating our own moderate, I mean we’ve got a clear-cut demarcation here. We’ve got, call it what you will, call it redistributionism, call it fascism, call it socialism versus capitalism. I want to know where the center is on this. I want to know where the compromise is. Because the fascism, the collectivism, the redistributionism is going to destroy capitalism if it isn’t stopped. So all of you in the conservative intelligentsia who said, ‘Don’t worry, Obama’s going to have to govern from the center, he’s a very moderate guy.’ TARP, TARP 2 coming, stimulus Porkulus, now this mortgage bailout — oh, and did I call it? Bob Gibbs said yesterday, oh, yeah, Obama’s open to a second stimulus package. I told you there’s going to be one this summer. He is going to redistribute as many of the assets of the, quote, unquote, achiever class as he is allowed to get away with.

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