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RUSH: This is from Monday, and this is what I said on my program.

RUSH ARCHIVE: [I]t isn’t going to be long before we go back to amnesty and it isn’t going to be long before we start doing a number of… I’ll bet you by this summer, Obama comes back for another stimulus package, after they do TARP 2 sometime in March. Mark my words. That’s the way this is going to happen. Remember, FDR didn’t spend enough soon enough.

RUSH: That’s what they think. If FDR woulda just spent more soon, sooner, then we wouldn’t have had the Great Depression last as long. There’s airplane noises here aboard Air Force One. Press secretary Robert Gibbs on Tuesday, yesterday.

GIBBS: The president’s going to do what’s necessary to grow this economy. Uhhh — but — but there are no particular plans at this point for a second stimulus package at the moment. I won’t foreclose it, but I wouldn’t say at the same time, there’s uhhhhh (pause) readily making waves to do so.

RUSH: Okay, so I predicted there’s going to be one. He says there’s not one being planned ‘but I wouldn’t foreclose the idea.’

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