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Rush’s Morning Update: Culture of Democrats II
February 20, 2009

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In one of these updates about three weeks ago, I talked about the “Culture of Democrats.” I detailed a few of the corruption charges that elected Democrats, on the local and federal level, are facing. Now, it’s a little bit late, butthe AP has come up with their own coverage of the problem… in the form of a warning to Democrats that they are self-destructing over ethics issues.

AP describes Illinois Senator Roland Burris’ admission that he tried to raise money for the now-impeached Governor Blago,who’s accused of trying to sell Obama’s senate seat. Then there’s New York Democrat Charlie Rangel, who has multiple problems– including fraudulent financial disclosure reports, fundraising and tax compliance issues, and questions over a resort property he owns in the Dominican Republic.

Pennsylvania Democrat John Murtha is waiting for the other shoe to dropin an investigation into a defense firm he’s close tothat got millions in federal funding. Bill Richardson is also waiting for a shoe to drop in a federal investigation regarding state contracts thathe awarded. And then there are the waivers Obama granted in order to let about a dozen or more lobbyists violate his own lobbying/ethics rules. Not to mention the Democrat tax cheats –most notably Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, Tom “Puff” Daschle, and Nancy Killefer.

This Democrat corruption is just the tip of the iceberg, folks. If you Drive-Bys want to find more,just follow the trail of the billions of dollarsin stimulus money.

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