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RUSH: I want to ask those of you in this audience — those of you liberals and especially those of you in this audience who are moderates — who voted for President Obama on the basis that you thought we’re getting somebody truly different and magnanimous. We were going to get a new president that was going to wipe away all of the old arguments and trivialize all the old disagreements and were going to truly become a country on the upward move to lofty new heights not before realized. That’s really what you believed, that you thought that’s what you were voting for. I want you to ask yourselves honestly, because I’m asking you to do so: Do you think that’s what you’ve gotten here?

We have a stock market down over 2,000 points since the election of Obama. The stock market has plunged more since Obama was elected than it did during the Bush period of September and October. We are bailing out losers with money that we are printing. We are punishing achievers. But more importantly, the first people to raise the specter of race since the immaculation have been Obama people: James Clyburn from South Carolina, chairman, Congressional Black Caucus; and Eric Holder. What about all this magnanimity we were going to have? What about all this love and unification, all these things that you genuinely believed would happen if we would just cross this barrier and finally admit once and for all our sins and elect this articulate, clean black gentleman who speaks so well, as Joe Biden pointed out? How do you feel about all this now?

I’ll tell you what I’m sensing out there, not just among people on our side. I’m speaking to the conservatives in the audience. I’m sensing the effervescence, the pulse of a backlash, of a revolution. The people — the mob, the great unwashed, the people who make the country work, whatever you wish to call them — they’re going to turn. They turn slowly, and after they’ve made the slow turn, it’s going to be like the tide coming in. It’s unstoppable. I am talking about those of you who both pay your mortgages and pay your taxes, the vast majority of the workforce, the kind of people who voted for and loved Ronald Reagan, the kind of people who voted for Obama thinking lofty new heights were just ahead, that a new era of love and unification all over the world was ours if this man simply became president.

These people are starting to realize that, while they’re working hard and while they’re playing by the rules, there were a lot of idiots spending more than they had and getting in way over their heads, and now those idiots are having to be bailed out by the people playing by the rules. I am hearing it all over the place. Despite all of this PC BS that the left has tried to shove down people’s throats, most people in most parts of the country understand the traditional value of hard work and living within their means; and now they’re starting to ask, ‘Why in the hell should I pay for somebody else’s bad decisions? Why should I reward their bad behavior?’

It was proclaimed loudly on the Chicago Board of Trade yesterday by CNBC’s Rick Santelli, the Chicago Tea Party. There is an extension here of what the left has been doing with youth sports for the past 20 years. We, on this program, every time we’ve seen an example of this, we’ve chronicled it for you. One team at a youth sports league is better than all the others, so they stop keeping score, because we don’t want to humiliate the losers. We don’t want to make them feel bad; we don’t want to hurt their feelings. Well, contrary to what the PC bosses might understand, these kids still keep score even if nobody hears about it, but they’re keeping score, and you know why? Because kids, the United States, is made up of competitive people.

You can have all the politically correct tree-hugging lefty liberals tell ’em not to keep score and they will keep score in their heads. It’s what drives them. It’s what drives all of us. We are all competitive, and it is in our genes to want to improve our lives for our families. It is called working in our own self-interests. I’ll guarantee you, these kids in these youth leagues who are told not to keep score, when they get in their parents’ cars at the end of the game they can tell their parents exactly what the score was. They keep score. Well, the same thing is happening with their parents. Their parents are keeping score. They may be afraid to say so publicly, because they don’t want to be called cowards by Eric Holder.

But here’s the translation: No matter how many times the Obama administration tells us that we have to step in and rescue the losers so they’re not humiliated — the ones that either bought too much house or didn’t read the fine print on their loan that, that we have to step in and bail these people out — the rest of us are growing increasingly suspect. We’re starting to talk to each other. Snerdley told me he walked out of his house the other day and his neighbor came out just to tell him how mad he was about all this that’s going on. People are starting to talk to each other about this, and we are keeping score. Biden may say that this is a recovery based on fairness. In fact, grab that sound bite. I think that’s sound bite number three, is it not? Yes, it is. Joe Biden, this morning in the White House, introducing Obama, who is about to address the US conference of mayors in the East Room.

BIDEN: President Obama has put our nation on the path for greater recovery; not only greater recovery, but greater decency, greater fairness, greater opportunity, along with economic recovery.

RUSH: What’s last in his list? Economic recovery. What’s first? Decency, greater fairness. Fairness defined by liberals as spreading misery equally. That’s what this bunch is about: fairness! That’s why they’re content to let the market plunge because only the rich are in the market, they think, and it’s about time the rich found out what it’s like. I guarantee you there is rage and anger in this administration that is behind some of the lack of attention. There’s not even the slightest bit concern of what’s happening in the market. You can’t find this administration expressing any concern over the investor class and what’s happened to them, not one, not a syllable. You can’t find one stated concern.

All you’ll find is statements about how we’re going to control these people, after we bail ’em out and nationalize them or what have you. But people are keeping score. This is what Obama doesn’t know. Barack Obama and his administration cannot kill the American some people. The stimulus package cannot kill the American spirit. We are keeping score. We have compassion for those who were truly blindsided by this, but we don’t want to bail out loser after loser after loser who decided to play fast and loose while we played it straight. And make no mistake, that’s how people look at this. A lot of people, the vast majority of people in this country think they’ve played it straight.

Now they’re being told they have to make good for those who didn’t. It’s no different than what the left has done in schools with outcome-based education. ‘We can’t put people in advanced placement classes, and humiliate those who were not suitable for admission.’ The majority of the American people at the end of the day are competitive. This is why we’re a nation, for example, obsessed with our sports teams. I’m a Steelers fan. You think I don’t care who wins when they play? Hell, sometimes I’ll even take a call from a referee wrong that goes in my favor. I don’t want to charge out there and say, ‘Hey, ref, you blew it. Give the other team the ball. They deserve it.’ I’ll take it.

Well, the referees are giving everything to the losers, under the premise that they’re only losers ’cause the winners are winners. Tax-paying people who make it all work will not put up long rewarding failure, being forced to reward failure. Beware this huge backlash. It’ll turn. It’ll turn slowly, and like the tide coming in, it is unstoppable. It has already started, in fact. The pulse of the backlash has begun. The pulse of revolution is out there, and at some point the anger that you know is there will surface and you will see it and you will hear it. People will overcome their fear of opposition to this because at the end of the day they will not sit there and let everything they’ve worked for be destroyed, particularly on the basis that they deserve to be destroyed because it’s been unfair in the first place that they succeeded.

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