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RUSH: Ellijay, Georgia. Joe, welcome to the EIB Network, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Rush, I’m really fired up about your article in the Wall Street Journal, terrific article, and I agree with Rick Santelli of CNBC. We need a peaceful taxpayers revolt, Rush. I am disgusted. I’ve been a stockholder for 40 years. I’m one of those I guess so-called successful people, and, by golly, we need to cut the capital gains, we need to get the president to start paying attention to the stock market and the Congress and, Rush, the capital gains tax rate is now 15%. If they would cut that to 10%, this stock market could take off like nothing you and I have ever seen but we’ve got to do —

RUSH: No, no, no, I proposed that. You know, this is my second (1 | 2) Wall Street Journal column in a month.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: My first one was my bipartisan plan, and it was suspending capital — look, there aren’t any capital gains.

CALLER: I’m for that, I’m for that.

RUSH: There aren’t any capital gains. This is the point. There are no capital gains. We’ve gotta suspend the capital gains tax to incentivize investment, then cut the corporate tax rate in half. But that’s wholly totally rejected.

CALLER: I tell you, the Republicans, there 25 million small businesses, we’ve got people like, my friend Colonel Poole, we’re all fired up to do something about this and the small businesses, Rush, they want less government, less taxes and less regulation and if we can get these 25 million small businesses fired up, and we’re trying to do that in Ellijay with my friend Colonel Poole, we can change the face of this country with help from you.

RUSH: Let me tell you something. You and Colonel Poole —


RUSH: — whoever is Colonel Poole.

CALLER: He’s a great American.

RUSH: I’m sure he is. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be a colonel. You know, becoming a colonel, it just doesn’t happen overnight. You gotta be a colonel to be admitted to the war colleges.

CALLER: He owns a great barbecue restaurant, and we’re trying to fire up these 25 million businesses. And, Rush, former Congressman Burns made our county the small business capital of the world, Gilmer County, home of Ellijay. So we’re fired up.

RUSH: I know. What I was going to say to you, you and Colonel Poole


RUSH: — are a microcosm of what’s starting to effervesce all over this country. You’re not alone out there. That is the point, and of course Santelli illustrated this. The last place we ever expected. Folks, have you ever watched CNBC? For the most part, CNBC’s in the tank left just like all the other Drive-By Media is.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: They’ve got their exceptions. They got Gasparino, they got Kudlow, and they have got Santelli. But I mean these people, they love it when the market’s going down because to them it equals viewers, it equals crisis, it equals people tuning in to find out, ‘Oh, my God how bad is it going to be?’

CALLER: But we’ve got Limbaugh and Hannity. That’s strength.

RUSH: I know, and you’ve got an army of American citizens, too.

CALLER: Twenty-five million small businesses, Rush, and you’re our leader, and we appreciate you, and we down here in Ellijay, Georgia, we’re fired up and energized to get the capital gains cut and we’re going to make it happen. The stock market will go up. I’m a long term bull like you.

RUSH: There you go. This is the kind of thinking that always made this country great. He and Colonel Poole are not throwing in the towel. He and Colonel Poole are not giving up. He and Colonel Poole are thinking about 25 million small businesses causing a little revolution, a little backlash. God love Joe and Colonel Poole. Colonel Poole owns a barbecue restaurant in Ellijay, Georgia, trying to buy up a whole bunch more. Look, it fits with the brilliance of my opening monologue. That’s who is out there. I also want to thank you, Joe, for the nice words on my Wall Street Journal op-ed today.

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