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Rush’s Morning Update: Suckle Up!
February 26, 2009

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Heyfolks,get this:Two Drive-By Media newspapers in Minnesota are going to be awarded a share of state grants so they can re-train their Drive-By journalists.

The Duluth News Tribune and the Saint Paul Pioneer Press will get almost a quarter-million dollars of grant moneyfrom a fund normally used to re-train workers in manufacturing. Another half-million dollars for the re-training will come from the University of Minnesota’s Skrool of Journalism,and the newspapers themselves.

The training will help re-train newsroom personnel and the newspaper’s sales staff. Kathleen Hansen, a director of the university’s J-school, says the primary goal is to teach the Drive-By employees to get away from print-based thinking.

What does that mean? Hansen says that some journalists “don’t know how to start thinking about stories without thinking about what’s going to be in the print newspaper.” So, grants will help them study new ways of telling stories and delivering content,and also teach them how to use new software. The sales force will supposedly learn how to connect consumers with advertisers differently.

Now, if this works — and it’s highly doubtful –newspapers all over the country are predicted to try to get their mitts on taxpayer funds to help out the bottom line.

So now the Drive-By Media want to suckle up to the government teat,and get their share of welfare money to stave off ruin. This…is what Drive-By journalism in America has finally come to: “Suckle up.”

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