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RUSH: I want to go to the Early Show yesterday. Joe Biden and the co-host Maggie Rodriguez have this exchange.

RODRIGUEZ: The Republican Party came out with their own charismatic, young, dynamic, ethnic spokesperson after the speech and said, ‘We don’t buy it. We’re not on board.’ Are you taking any of their objections into account?

BIDEN: What I don’t understand from Governor Jin-dell (sic) is, what would he do? I mean in — in Louisiana, there’s 400 people a day losing their jobs. (sic) What’s he doing? What’s the answer?

RUSH: Joe Biden is wrong. I don’t know who’s telling him this, but Louisiana has added jobs at a time everybody is losing them. Of course, Rodriguez has to describe Jindal as ‘ethnic.’ What’s that have to do with anything?

‘Giving the [R]epublican response to President Obama’s speech Tuesday night, Governor Bobby Jindal pointed out fundamental differences in how [R]epublicans and [D]emocrats see the economy,’ and Joe Biden says, ”[I]n Louisiana there’s 400 people a day losing their jobs, what’s he doing?’… But that claim is wrong, if you look at the numbers from the Louisiana Workforce Commission. ‘In December, Louisiana was the only state in the nation besides the District of Columbia, according to the national press release that added employment over the month,’ says Patty Granier with the Louisiana Workforce Commission. According to her, not only is Louisiana not losing jobs. ‘The state gained 3,700 jobs for the seasonally adjusted employment,’ Granier said of the most recent figures.’ These are numbers you can check out yourself if you go to LAWorks.net, Louisiana Works-dot-net, and there you can find the latest unemployment stats, ‘statistics that appear to directly contradict what Biden said.’ Louisiana is adding jobs; they’re not losing jobs. Four hundred jobs lost a day is an out-and-out lie, similar to much of the irresponsible rhetoric coming from the entire Obama administration.

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