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Rush’s Morning Update: Budget
February 27, 2009

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Okay, folks:this is as serious as politics gets. The scope and reach of the $4 trillion budget released by President Obama represents a fundamental break with the America that is– and the America that will be created –if it’s passed.

The $4 trillionas a dollar figureis insignificant from the perspective of Obama and the Democrat Party. This budget is about good and evil, as they see it. This budget is about payback. And, first and foremost, this budget is designed to fundamentally realign the federal governmentto ensure current Democrats and their political heirs remain in power for the rest of the century.

Under Obama, the federal deficit would grow to over 12 percent of our GDP. Now, we haven’t had a deficit that size since the beginning of World War II. Added to the massive deficit spendingare tax increases that punish the enemies of the Democrat Party state: the achievers.

American companies that Democrats simply define as “polluters” will be forced into a cap-and-trade program,adding almost $1 trillion in taxes to their bottom lines. Small business owners and people Democrats call “wealthy” will be slammed with new taxes as well. The Obama budget also funds the relentless drive toward socialized medicine. And all that is just the beginning.

The way to look at this budget is not with an economic lens,it is with a philosophical one. Liberals want to remake America in their image… and this is how you will pay for it. (You’re supposed to be happy and like it, too.)

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