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RUSH: Steven in Acme, Washington, it’s nice to have you on the program, sir. Open Line Friday, hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. Thank you for taking my call. First thing. As a fifth generation veteran and two soldiers in the family presently, thank you very much for what you’re doing for veterans.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: We appreciate it. God bless you, sir. Do you think Obama is making the decisions and the stuff that he is, because he’s in over his head and doesn’t know what he’s doing, or is actually doing it on purpose to destroy our country?

RUSH: Well, I don’t think he thinks he’s destroying it, the country. I think he knows he’s destroying a system that he thinks is unfair, unjust, and he doesn’t like. He is destroying capitalism. That’s his objective. He wants to destroy capitalism. He wants to establish a very powerful socialist government, authoritarian. He’s intellectual. They want control. He wants control of the economy; he wants it for his party as well. They don’t think they’re destroying America. They think they are America! See, these people think their way is America. We’re the ones un-American. We’re the ones that stand for capitalism, which is unfairness. To them, capitalism is greed. It is selfishness. And they are the good people, and they love to think of themselves that way. In truth, what Obama’s doing is cruel.

What the Democrat Party has done is cruel. I intend to detail this in my CPAC speech tomorrow. What they have done is cruel in the guise of compassion. It is… (interruption) What? What! (interruption) What are you chuckling about? What is it? (interruption) Yeah. (interruption) I’m starting to think of things. I never… (interruption) Somebody at Fox called me today said, ‘Can you give me an advance idea what you’re going to say?’ I said, ‘I don’t know yet.’ I don’t start thinking about this ’til the last minute, until every bit of news that’s going to happen has happened before I go out there. I can’t write a speech. I cannot sit down and write a speech. I lose half my vocabulary when I write a speech, because I get caught up in the keyboard, typos. My brain freezes. All my life, my best thinking has been done while I’m speaking, as is illustrated by 20 years behind the Golden EIB Microphone.

But, yeah, the speech is tomorrow. It’s like 26 hours away. This is when the little gray cells start exploding in there. So, yeah, I’m starting to get an idea. But, anyway, what they have done is cruel, and they’ve done it for 50 years, and they get away with it because of their ‘good intentions.’ They only want to help. Somehow the unintended consequences end up really damaging millions of people and families. It’s never reported that way because the assumption is they’re full of compassion and love, and they’re ‘just trying to help.’ So no, he’s not trying to destroy America. He thinks he is America. He thinks he represents the America that’s been getting the shaft for 200 years. He represents the America that’s on the wrong side of every deal.

They get the raw deal, the rotten deal. They have been screwed. They have been shafted. They’ve been taken advantage of; they’ve been discriminated against. It’s time to make it right! It’s time to show these people that have been doing these evil things to people exactly how it feels. So you want to find out what it’s like on welfare when you don’t care people are on it? Here you go, here’s your unemployment check. You want to find out what it feels like to be scared to death? Here you go. This is about revenge, a little vengeance. It is about theoretical capitalism that they despise ’cause they can’t control it and again because they think it’s unfair and unjust and unequal. No, no, no. They’re not in their minds trying to destroy America. They’re trying to rewrite it.

The only problem they’ve got is that liberalism doesn’t flourish in the free market which is why Obama has to go out and sound like he’s Ronald Reagan, promising socialism. He couldn’t be getting away with this — and this point, ladies and gentlemen, is crucial. He couldn’t and wouldn’t be getting away with this were it not for a totally compliant press. If it weren’t for the Drive-Bys in effect being his PR agent each and every day, he would not be getting away with this. If there were a genuine vetting of Barack Obama during the campaign and prior to it — if there were a genuine vetting of his administration, all these plans — he wouldn’t be getting away with any of this. But he has not been vetted and he has not been challenged. He has not been investigated. He has not been questioned. He’s not been doubted for going on two years. Well, that’s a lot of solid time to propagandize people. That’s where we are.

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