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RUSH: Here’s Chris Matthews, by the way. Cut seven, if you will. Chris Matthews was speaking with former Maryland governor Bob Ehrlich. Chris Matthews used to have a decent TV show. There was a time when Chris Matthews guest-hosted this radio show, and his TV show used to be fairly decent. It was. But now it’s descending into something that is unprofessional and perplexing, and here’s an example. This is something he does once a night, three or four times a week. He brings a Republican in and demands they denounce me, and last night’s challenge was Maryland governor Bob Ehrlich.

MATTHEWS: Do you like Rush Limbaugh? Yes or no!

EHRLICH: I think he’s an interesting guy. I don’t know him personally.

MATTHEWS: (screaming) HA! HA! What a careful answer!

EHRLICH: No, no. I mean it. He’s —

MATTHEWS: (screaming) What a careful —

EHRLICH: — interesting.

MATTHEWS: YOU ARE A MODERATE! YOU ARE A MODERATE — a private, ugh, secret moderate! That’s why you answered that!

EHRLICH: ‘A secret moderate,’ what’s that?

MATTHEWS: Bob Ehrlich: moderate Republican!

RUSH: Well, we just inadvertently had Matthews confirm what I’ve always told you about moderates: They won’t tell you what they think. The effort continues to get any Republican to denounce me. It’s gonna keep happening, because I have been anointed as the Mister Big.

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