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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, I have not said anything about this because it’s an event that is sold out and it’s not open to the public. The Conservative Political Action Conference, in their second day today, the three-day convention, in Washington, DC, in past years I haven’t been able to go because there’s either been the AT&T Pro-Am celebrity golf tournament, or whatever, I haven’t been in a long time. David Keene asked me if I would speak this year, and I said I would, because it’s been too long since I’ve been there. So they scheduled me as the mop-up. I mean, I’m it. At five o’clock tomorrow afternoon, I’m the cleanup hitter; I mean this is, you know, the big finale. So I figured, okay, I know C-SPAN is going to be there. Yip yip yip.

Listen to Carl Cameron’s report on Fox. Fox News is going to carry the speech live at five o’clock. They’ve been promoing it since last night, they’re promoing it all morning today, and I’m saying, ‘Man, I better be good, all this attention?’ (interruption) ‘Well, this is the head of the party.’ No. I’m not the head of the party. See, this is where these Looney Toons are missing the whole boat here. If I’m head of anything, which I’m not, but if I’m head of anything, it’s conservatism, but not the party. (interruption) Oh, I’m not trying to deny I’m Mr. Big. I’m trying to be humble, you know, humility. I’ve been doing my own breakout group on the women’s seminar, and one thing we learned in that women’s seminar, be humble, a little more humility, moderates dig that. So while I am, of course, the Mister Big, I don’t say so.

You know, Clint Eastwood had it right, Clint Eastwood said he’s fed up with political correctness. He’s fed up with everybody trying to be politically correct. He’s fed up with nobody being able to laugh anymore. He’s fed up with not being able to tell race jokes and ethnic jokes. When he was growing up, everybody did. Nobody took offense at it. Every race tells jokes about the other race. Every country tells jokes about people in other countries. We can’t do it anymore. And he’s right, and, as such, people don’t understand humor any more, unless it’s liberal humor, and liberals especially do not laugh. I never see a happy one. Even liberal comics are angry and filled with rage. I just never see it. This program’s one of the funniest programs on the radio and the libs don’t get one syllable of it, which, to me, is sort of fun at the same time, ’cause I can tweak ’em any time I want to, and they don’t even know that they’re being played. Anyway, here’s Carl Cameron this morning, reporting live from the Conservative Political Action Conference.

CAMERON: The radio icon always a polarizer, love him or hate him, liberals hate him, here the conservatives at this CPAC conference are just in a lather waiting for him here. It’s the biggest turnout, people are talking about how Republicans are in disarray and have problems because of the last election and the breakdown. They acknowledge that here, but there’s no sense of demoralization at all. The GOP and conservatives ready to get sort of back to core principles and see the Obama administration and the Democrat control of Congress as the perfect opportunity for them to do it.

RUSH: Largest crowd ever, is what Carl Cameron and others have been saying. So it will be on TV at five o’clock, and I’m on time. We’re not scheduling this because Obama is doing something at five. And we’re not trying to step on anybody. This is just when the event is scheduled. (interruption) What? Snerdley has a broadcast question. What’s the question? Hm-hm. Hm-hm. No, of course not, Obama’s not polarizing, no liberal is polarizing. Liberalism is loved, and the people who don’t love liberals are mentally deranged. It’s not the result of a liberal being polarizing. Liberals are love, Sweetness and Light. No, it’s a good question. Liberals cannot be polarizing. I don’t mind the label. I don’t care what they say. Snerdley, you get caught up in these little things that people say about you and the day they stop saying it is when you worry.

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