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“What culminated with my speech at CPAC was the reawakening of a huge sleeping giant that is ready to rumble. It is American conservatism.”

“I believe — and I mean this from the bottom of my heart — that Obama doesn’t mind that the market is tanking right now because it only furthers his interests in assisting his panic-driven agenda in the short term. The worse it gets, the more prone average Americans are to get frustrated and say, ‘Do something!'”

“Somebody needs to talk to Alex Castellanos: he may not be doing sex right if he thinks an Obama speech is ‘like sex’.”

“Now, Mr. Steele, if it is your position as the chairman of the Republican National Committee that you want a left wing Democrat president and a left wing Democrat Congress to succeed, then why are you running the RNC?”

“More Americans live their lives as conservatives than you would believe. I mean, they don’t get their paychecks and walk down the street and say, ‘Hi, you want some of this?'”

“If there’s anybody who wants America as it was founded to fail, it’s Barack Obama.We are looking at America failing right in front of our eyes. The stock market is down 2,800 points since he was elected, and he just sits around and watches it.”

“You know who needs leadership? The Republican National Committee and Michael Steele need a little leadership. We’re going to have to drag them kicking and screaming back to our core.”

“If we stand up for our principles, the policy takes care of itself. You don’t need a policy to come up with to attact’Walmart voters’. What is a ‘Walmart voter’, anyway?”

“I love this country so much. I look at what’s happened to me… you don’t know how much I wish everybody could experience it. I’m not like a Democrat elitist who thinks you’re not capable of it and should be happy with the crumbs that you get.”

“Paul Harvey wasa pioneer, and he took his share of arrows. So rest in peace, Paul Harvey: the greatest ambassador — and perhaps performer — in the history of radio.”

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