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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is tanking even further, now down 255. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is plummeting. NASDAQ is down 47 to 50, while the president of the United States, with a teleprompter, introduces Kathleen Sebelius, the governor of Kansas, as the new Health and Human Services director, secretary. Remember Kathleen Sebelius at one point was refusing to send out money that Kansas taxpayers had overpaid. She was withholding taxpayer refund checks and now she’s been appointed to serve in the Obama cabinet. So while the economy and the stock market are tanking, Obama has plucked a governor from Kansas who sat on Kansas taxpayers’ money and refused to send them their refunds. This is a man who’s really for economic recovery, right? And then I saw a little blurb, the White House is now shifting focus to health care, to speed up economic recovery.

Okay, I want to talk to you who are out of work, you don’t have a job. The people that might hire you are being portrayed as the enemy by Barack Obama. The people that might hire you have just heard their taxes are going to be raised considerably. The people that might hire you see the economy plunging, the stock market failing, and they don’t feel like investing in their business right now because there are fewer customers. So Barack Obama says, ‘Yeah, well, we’re going to fix this. We’re going to ramp up our health care reforms. That will spur the economy.’ Now, those of you out of work, I want you to seriously ask yourselves how is something that’s going to take a year or two going to get you a job tomorrow or next week or next month? I don’t think Obama really cares right now whether you get your job back any time soon. The more Obama can make you believe that America as founded fails — you know, if there’s anybody who’s actually after failure, you want me to ramp this up? You want me to ramp this up, Snerdley? If there’s anybody who wants America as it was founded to fail, it’s Barack Obama.

We are looking at America failing right in front of our eyes. America is failing right in front of our eyes. You are watching America fail every day when you hear about more people losing their jobs, when you hear about the stock market plummeting even further, when you hear about taxes being raised on the people who will be responsible for leading this recovery by offering people jobs, when you see them refusing to do so, when you see them stepping out, you’re watching the United States of America and its economy fail. As you turn to the White House and say, ‘What’s being done about this?’ ‘Well, we did our stimulus package, but I guess we need to spur it up. We’re going to now get to work on health care.’ Everything they’re doing is not designed to get you a job. It’s designed the opposite. It’s designed to leave you just out there squirming and blaming Bush, blaming Republicans, blaming the way the country was founded, blaming capitalism, while Obama goes on his merry way expanding government at the expense of your freedom and your economic prosperity.


RUSH: To Bellevue, Washington. This is Bill. Great to have you, sir, on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Rush, it’s an honor to have a few moments with you on the telephone as the fearless leader of our nation in the defense of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

RUSH: Thank you, sir, very much. I have to comment that I’m following your lead and I chose not to use a teleprompter. Now, I’ll get to the point quickly. Six-and-a-half years ago, give or take a little, this nation was recovering from 9/11. The pain was still throbbing when the relentless drumbeat of attacks and vilification against our president, George W. Bush at that time, not simply his policies, but himself and his family commenced, and continued endlessly until the great immaculation of our new president, and I gave thanks that at least that was over. But it isn’t. Today they’ve commenced attacking you, for expressing your belief —

RUSH: Commenced? (laughing)


RUSH: (laughing) Commenced? They didn’t start today, old buddy, old pal.

CALLER: Point well made, but it’s clear that the uproar will get louder and louder and louder at you for daring to wish, to hope —

RUSH: That is why, sir, I have ratcheted it up today. You see, unlike the elected Republicans in Washington, or the so-called Republicans at the Republican National Committee, I am not going to cut-and-run. Now, I know I’ve got a different job than they do. I’m just an entertainer. I have 20 million listeners because I do song-and-dance routines here. I don’t have to go through the hard process of getting votes and I don’t have to do the sausage making that is policy, and I don’t have to work with Democrats on Capitol Hill. No, all I have to do is get vilified by them, which, to me, is a badge of honor. But let me expand on this failure business. If the media wants to continue to ratchet this up, and if Rahm Emanuel wants to continue to try to mischaracterize it for the purposes of driving a wedge between the Republican Party and me and conservatism and the American people, I welcome it. Because here’s today’s edition of ‘I want him to fail.’

The person who is at the moment risking the failure of the United States of America is indeed the president, Barack Obama. The stock market is now below 7,000. It is plummeting. People are losing jobs by the day. People are losing their savings, their 401(k)s, their college funds for their children. There’s not one bit of good economic news. The stock market is down 2,800 points since Barack Obama was elected. There has not been one step, including using the bully pulpit to inspire and motivate people taken by this president. Failure is happening while he sits around and watches it, and he’s not unhappy about it. Let me say that again clearly. If there is anybody who is engendering the failure of America as we have known it, while it happens in front of our eyes, it is President Obama. It’s something he needs for the rest of his agenda.

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