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Rush’s Morning Update: The Fight
March 3, 2009

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In a surprising development, APreporter Charles Babington has reported on the actual agenda behind Barack Obama’s budget. He says Obama’s proposals are, quote, an “interrelated plan to undo major elements of President Ronald Reagan’s conservative movement.” Obama admits his budget is an attempt to reshape the foundations of our country; he calls his plan a “threat to the status quo in Washington.”

Now, that’s an understatement. This budget is a threat to the status quo of the freedoms, liberties, and prosperity of the American birthright. In every area this budget touches, freedom is being removed from the private sectorand transferred to the federal government. That includes the freedom to choose the most efficient energy to use;the most efficient car to manufactureand drive. The government– not the marketplace;notyou — will determine even more health-care policydespite their utter failures, which have already sent costs out of control.

The Obama plan represents a full-throttle return to the welfare state, which has left entire generations of our poorestunable to compete in the economic mainstream, and dependent on government for subsistence. The welfare state that Obama is reviving, has destroyed family structures, left people uneducated, and undermined our national morality…but it left Democrats in charge politically– which is the entire point.

The Obama tax-and-spend agenda punishes success and achievement, and it wipes outdreams — includingthe American Dream. Which is why, my friends,I will fight it… until it fails.

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