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“Bipartisanship has come to mean one thing: The Democrats get what they want.”

“What do you think McCain’s attempt at unity will be? ‘Be my guest, Limbaugh! Go ahead! If you don’t get me, you’re going to get the witch! You know it and I know it! Is that what you want? Go ahead– make my day, Limbaugh!'”

“The Huckster may be thinking he’s in line for veep, but if he is, he doesn’t know the real John McCain. Well, we deal in reality here, Mr. Snerdley.”

“By the way, it is rumored that the Clintons are digging into their own personal wealth to fund Hillary’s campaign. I’m thinking of maybe of doing a fund-raiser.”

“Tom Brokaw did Super Tuesday coverage on NBC last night, and the last two or three mentions he has made of me, it’s been about things that he’s read on my website. He must be a Rush 24/7 subscriber.”

“Snerdley, get in here! I had to talk him off the ledge today — I have never seen such droopy posture in my life. Jeez, oh man! Sit down and start answering the phones!”

“When did the measure of conservatism’s success become how often we reach out to Democrats? Mr. McCain, Ronaldus Magnus did reach out to Democrats — to defeat them.”

“When was the last time that you heard Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama talk about ‘reaching across the aisle’ to work with us? No, seriously. Stop laughing.”

“We’re soon going to get the worst pictures of McCain — we’re going to get him looking tired and we’re going to hear references to his forgetfulness. And if that doesn’t work, then we’re going to get stories on the fact he’s nuts. Just mark my words.”

“I didn’t wait for Santa Claus — I started digging around the closets.”

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