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RUSH: Okay, folks. This is really funny. CNN is on the case yesterday afternoon of the plummeting stock market. For all of you millions of Americans losing everything, CNN asks, ‘Will this hurt Obama?’ Rick Sanchez was speaking to Wolf Blitzer.

SANCHEZ: This is breaking news. The markets down, down. Wolf Blitzer joining us as well. Wolf, how big a risk might this be for the president of the United States seeing these markets decline day after day?

BLITZER: It’s really disappointing, I’m sure, for folks over at the White House. We may be hearing the president address this issue. He’s going to be speaking shortly.

RUSH: Remember yesterday the markets were down, what, 200 or so when he finished — maybe even more when he finished — the health care summit. So big crisis, market’s plummeting! Rick Sanchez asks the expert, ‘Wolf Blitzer, what’s the White House thinking?’ ‘Oh, they can’t like this.’ Wolf, they love it. ‘And we’ll probably expect the president to address this. He’s going to address this when he comes out of the health care summit.’ Here’s what Obama said.

OBAMA: I’ve gotten a readout from some of the breakout groups and breakout sessions, uh, and I just want to summarize a few things that, uh, my staff thought were notable, uh, and that I thought were notable and are — are worth mentioning before I start taking some questions or some comments. Senator Whitehouse, uh, said, ‘This isn’t a Harry and Louise moment. It’s a Thelma and Louise moment.’

CROWD: (haughty laughter)

OBAMA: We’re in the car headed towards a clift (sic), and we must act. Now, I just want to be clear if you actually saw the movie. They did drive over the cliff, so…

CROWD: (laughter)

OBAMA: Just want to be clear that’s not our intention here.

CROWD: (laughter)

RUSH: Wolf, he didn’t mention the Wall Street plunge yesterday! This is about his health care summit. They did a dog-and-pony show with a health care summit, and then they had their breakout groups and the breakout groups reported back to the professor. And some senator named Whitehouse said, ‘This isn’t a Harry and Louise moment. It’s a Thelma and Louise moment.’ This is all gobbledygook. All of this is designed to make you think he cares about your health care while not doing anything about it, and his approval numbers go up. ‘I don’t know, Rick. I don’t know. This market’s going down. They surely can’t be happy about this over at the White House,’ says Wolf. ‘I’m sure that we may be hearing the president address this issue. He’s going to be speaking shortly.’ He didn’t say a word about it, and where the hell are we now? (sigh) We’re down 80. No! We’re down 95. There’s a plunge going on here at the end of the day, and I’ll bet if we turn over to CNN, they’ll say that the White House is nervous about this, really doesn’t like it. The president will probably address this later this afternoon. The last time the president addressed this, he urged everybody to buy. They had long-term intentions, the ‘profit’-to-earnings ratios, they’re ideal now, get in there. But don’t get out! Get in there and stay in there — and, bam! Psssshew! This is what they want. There are ways to stop this. Lou Ann, Larkspur, California, nice to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: ‘Rocky Mountain high’ dittos, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: From the pink state of Colorado.

RUSH: Larkspur, Colorado! I’m sure I’ve heard of Larkspur, California, but I didn’t know there was a Larkspur, Colorado. Where is it?

CALLER: It’s in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

RUSH: Oh, the foothills. Great. It’s great to have you here.

CALLER: Well, I wanted to call and complain about the Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, who is the worst press secretary I have ever witnessed.

RUSH: Wait a minute. This guy is a lawyer, he’s an MBA, he’s got a doctorate in neurosurgery, he’s got his veterinarians degree! This guy has got a landscaping degree from Auburn. This guy has got a degree in food marketing and packaging from the University of Colorado at Aurora. What do you mean, this guy is the worst you’ve ever seen?

CALLER: Well, then his material is bad, which is certainly a possibility.

RUSH: Well, what is it you don’t like about Robert Gibbs?

CALLER: Well, he just can’t answer questions. He can’t do it properly, and I really think that BO needs to replace him with Allison Janney, the actress that played ‘C.J.’ Cregg.

RUSH: (laughs) He’s actually perfect. He’s a propagandist. He’s not supposed to answer questions.

CALLER: (laughs)

RUSH: He is supposed to advance the agenda. It’s like… I’m not going to be able to find this in time to play it. Well, maybe I could. Yeah. Let’s see. Lou Ann, listen to this. Grab sound bites eight, nine, ten. Here’s number eight real fast. This is Obama yesterday afternoon at the White House at the health care summit.

OBAMA: The cost of health care now causes a bankruptcy in America every 30 seconds.

RUSH: It’s not true! It’s a totally made-up number. Fox did a check; they could find no evidence. They went to Christina Romer, who chairs Obama’s Council of Economic Advisors. Gregg Jarrett says, ‘There’s no evidence. Where are you getting this information?’

ROMER: I think I — I — I’m not going to talk about particular statistics. We know that rising health care costs are bankrupting the government. They’re causing trouble for American families and are causing trouble for American businesses, and whether it’s every six seconds or every 20 seconds, the crucial thing is that it is just a fundamental problem.

JARRETT: I’m just wondering.

RUSH: I’m just wondering why would he say this? Facts don’t matter! She went on to say this….

ROMER: I’m going to have to check the numbers for you. I think the important thing is the idea is absolutely true. We know that fundamentally the problem in this country is that health care costs are rising and that’s the thing that ultimately is going to cause the deficit to get so huge.

RUSH: The deficit IS huge! She says, ‘Okay, if there aren’t personal bankruptcies every 30 seconds, then it’s certainly bankrupting the government.’ So the facts don’t matter. It’s what he says, folks, and how he says it.

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