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RUSH: To Great Falls, Virginia. This is Sharon, and it’s nice to have you here, Sharon. Hello.

CALLER: Just-outside-the-Beltway dittos, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: I think everyone should be hoping Obama fails because it looks to me like he is intent on bringing on the second Great Depression.

RUSH: Why do you say that! Why in the world do you think that the president of the United States wants the second Great Depression?

CALLER: Well, last time we had a Great Depression, it resulted in a generation of Democrat power, and this time it looks like he’s doing exact same thing that happened last time. That is they’re taking a garden variety downturn in the economy and by responding to it with some populist measures that are really economical ill-advised, they’ll turn it into a huge downturn.

RUSH: Yeah, but there’s a difference between FDR and Obama that I need to point out.

CALLER: What’s that?

RUSH: That is that — and I may be wrong about this. Somebody may have to historically correct me on this. It’s been a long week. I am fighting fatigue here. But it seems to me that Obama is doing much more to create and cause economic collapse than FDR did.

CALLER: Oh, yes. I think he is.

RUSH: FDR certainly took advantage of what he inherited, but… I could be wrong, but my point is, I think that what Obama’s doing is a little bit more hideous than FDR, and I think there’s more to it than just maintaining as much Democrat control over power as possible.

CALLER: Well, I think it’s definitely intentional. Some of the things that are being done to drive market instability and uncertainty couldn’t be anything but intentional. It’s just (garbled)

RUSH: That’s a very serious charge you’re making out there about the president of the United States, Sharon, very, very, very serious charge you’re making.

CALLER: Well, it’s a very dangerous territory, living as close as I do to Washington, DC.

RUSH: Yeah, I understand. Well —

CALLER: I’m a real interested student of Depression, and I’ve read a huge number of books on it, and I’ve done a lot of thinking about it, and it just seems to me that when you take a regular downturn and then you begin by targeting all the wealthiest people and telling them you’re going to raise their taxes and that they’re taking unfair advantage, and you try to paralyze them, petrify them…

RUSH: See, just a second. You only publicly target the wealthy. You’re actually targeting everybody! I mean the wealthy haven’t really been hurt that much. Everybody has, but, you know, the old saw: The wealthier you are, the more operating capital you have left even if you lose half your operation. You have people who have lost their jobs here, which is always the case. Liberalism hurts the very people that it says they’re intending to help: the little guy. This is the dirty little secret. The way that Obama speaks, though, like you just said he’s out there targeting the rich people. That’s what his voters think. His voters think he’s targeting the rich people while giving them health care. Targeting the rich while giving them new education. Targeting the rich while making sure McDonald’s has Chicken McNuggets when you show up in Port St. Lucie to order ’em. So they think he cares. They think he’s doing all these things while ‘targeting the rich,’ and this has been the standard operating procedure for a long time is to succeed with schadenfreude; to, you know, make these voters of Obama’s happy when their lives don’t change. In fact, they get worse! Their lives get worse, but they’re supposed to be happy ’cause the rich somehow are getting shafted at the same time.

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