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Rush’s Morning Update: Whiff!
March 9, 2009

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Let’s face it, folks.In a spending bill that has about 9,000 earmarks,a single $2 million request isn’t going to raise many eyebrows. Why should it? To Democrats, spending trillions of dollars is becoming a monthly ritualin this era of “responsible governance.”

Senator Tom Harkin– Democrat, Iowa– is surprised over the stink thathis $2 million earmark to study pig odor has caused. Pig odoris a problem in Iowa. The state is home to 3 million peopleand 20 million pigs. As is common in nature, after pigs eat, theyhave toemit –and those emissions are difficult to digest for some Iowans.

Those who live near the pigs report they remain indoors for a week at a time because the emissions burn their eyes. Retired farmer Carroll Harless says that after pigs emit, “you hold your breath and when it’s really bad you get the taste in your mouth.”

So, Iowans don’t understand why anyone would object to spending $2 million for pig odor research –especially with other earmarks in the Democrat’s latest porkulus bill,like tattoo removal for LA gang members, canoe rides for Hawaiians, or grape genetics studies for New Yorkers. Senator Harkin says those who make light of pig odor should come to Iowa and take a whiff. (Who needs to go? Just go to his office in Washington.)

Anyway…Senator Harkin,the porky smell emitting from all of your offices in Washingtonis worse than anything in Iowa. We don’t need a $2 million studyto get a whiff; we get it every day for free.

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