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Rush’s Morning Update: Global Screams
Original Air Date: December 13, 2007

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Well, of course the Drive-By Media is ignoring the new report from NASA that Arctic ice is refreezing at a record pace. Instead, to hype the global warming hoax, AP reports on scientists predicting an “ominous tipping point” for Mother Erf.

One scientist speculates that all ice in the Arctic Sea will be gone in five years. Others claim the ice will disappear by the summer of 2040. Yet another puts De-Ice Day in 2012. Though ice has melted, and then refrozen, for billions of years,this time it’s different. Though Arctic ice thaws are never predictable(some years more melts; other years less melts),this time, for some reason,it’s different!

A senior scientist at the [National] Snow and Ice Data Center [NSIDC] in Boulderhas issued this stark warning — he said:”The Arctic is screaming.”If the Arctic is screaming, folks, that can mean only one thing: The other landmasses on Mother Erf are looking on with hope and fear.

Now, my friends, given this news, we must take steps that would have been unthinkable just days ago. You have tostop all driving– anywhere. You have tostop flying on planes — totally.Destroy all light bulbs– don’t just change them, destroy them. All factories, manufacturing, and other capitalistic ventures must immediately cease. In fact, all energy use must cease. Now. While we still have ice…

Because “global screaming” is upon us now!What’s next? Well, I know mothers, and I know Morther Erf, and it’s obvious. If man won’t mend his evil ways,we’re soon going to be facingGlobal PMS. And, trust me: You don’t want to be around for that!

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