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RUSH: Okay. It’s finally been posted. I’ve been waiting for this. When I got in here to our broadcast complex this morning, there was an e-mail from Bill Sammon at Fox News. He’s the DC bureau chief there, and he said, ‘Rush, I’m working on a piece here, I hope to have it ready by the time your show starts, and here it is.’ And I read this, and I just smiled, mouth fell open a little bit, and I just smiled. And then Bill Sammon asked me for any input. ‘Would you like to reply to what I learned?’ So I sent him a note back, and the story has been posted at FoxNews.com. It’s also linked, by the way, at the Drudge Report. The headline: ‘Flashback: Carville Wanted Bush to Fail,’ but that is only half the story. ‘The press never reported that Democratic strategist James Carville said he wanted President Bush to fail before the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. But a feeding frenzy ensued when radio host Rush Limbaugh recently said he wanted Obama’s,’ policies to fail. Here you go, folks. Listen to this.

‘On the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, just minutes before learning of the terrorist attacks on America, Democratic strategist James Carville was hoping for President Bush to fail, telling a group of Washington reporters: ‘I certainly hope he doesn’t succeed.’ Carville was joined by Democratic pollster Stanley Greenberg, who seemed encouraged by a survey he had just completed that revealed public misgivings about the newly minted president. ‘We rush into these focus groups with these doubts that people have about him, and I’m wanting them to turn against him,’ Greenberg admitted.’ Greenberg wanted to do a poll that would cause the American people to turn against Bush on the morning of 9/11. You see, the dirty little secret is that an honest utterance by me, purely uttered for the sake of my country is turned into a scandal, and last week it was the number-two news item in this country according to some media group. Economy was number one. I was the number two item. Yet it is standard operating procedure for the Democrat Party to not do things in the best interests of the country, but rather in the best interests of their party.

I am not the Republican Party and I didn’t say what I said for the benefit of the Republican Party. I said what I said because I love America and our people, and I want everyone to succeed. After Greenberg said, ”We rush into these focus groups with these doubts that people have about him, and I’m wanting them to turn against him,’ Greenberg then said with a chuckle, ‘They don’t want him to fail. I mean, they think it matters if the president of the United States fails.’ So the people in the focus groups did not want Bush to fail, but they turned around and ginned up, or were prepared to gin up a bunch of research designed to convince the American people that Bush should fail, and they did, you have to admit it. ‘Minutes later, as news of the terrorist attacks reached the hotel conference room where the Democrats were having breakfast with the reporters, Carville announced: ‘Disregard everything we just said! This changes everything!”

What did they change it for, three weeks? What was it, three or four weeks, the Democrats, Bush isn’t doing anything, Bush isn’t responding. Three weeks and they were back on the case of Bush this and Bush that. ‘The press followed Carville’s orders, never reporting his or Greenberg’s desire for Bush to fail. … That omission stands in stark contrast to the feeding frenzy that ensued when radio host Rush Limbaugh recently said he wanted President Obama to fail.’ Here’s what I told Bill Sammon in the piece. I said, ‘The difference between Carville and his ilk and me is that I care about what happens to my country. I am not saying what I say for political advantage. I oppose actions, such as Obama’s socialist agenda, that hurt my country. I deal in principles, not polls. Carville and people like him live and breathe political exploitation. This is all a game to them. It’s not a game to me. I am concerned about the well-being and survival of our nation. When has Carville ever advocated anything that would benefit the country at the expense of his party?’ That’s what I told Bill Sammon. That’s in the story.

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