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Rush’s Morning Update: 008
March 12, 2009

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Special agent “Double-O-Eight” has been assigned to Afghanistan. No, this agent isn’t in a new James Bond movie, and he doesn’t work for the Brits. He’s former Guantanamo prisoner 008, Abdullah Rasoul, who now goes by the name Mullah Zakir.

American authorities handed 008 over to the Afghan government in December, 2007. The transfer was obviously intended to quell the relentless pressure from Democrats to close Club Gitmo. Shortly after he was handed over,the Afghans released him. Now 008 has risen in the ranks of the Talibanand is in charge of operations against American forces. He’s just one of 60 former Gitmo detainees who have resumed terrorist activities on the battlefield.

At the time of his release, Mullah 008 told a military tribunal: “I want to go back home and join my family and work in my land and help my family.” Apparently, they bought it. We don’t yet know if 008 has killed any American troops. We also don’t know if he’s one of the “moderates” President Obama wants to include in his outreach program for the Taliban.

But we do know one thing for certain. For the foreseeable future, not a single American Democrat– in the House, Senate, or White House– who advocated releasing terroristsas part of their plan to portray the war on terror as a failurewill be held to account for the lives they’ve needlessly placed in harm’s way.

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