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Rush’s Morning Update: Surprise!
Original Airdate: April 8, 2008

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Hey, folks: Ihave three surprising items for you today.

First: Curators at the museum of the Roman Catholic Cathedral in Vienna are surprised at the outpouring of anger over a current exhibit. The museum is honoring 80-year-old Austrian artist Alfred Hrdlicka (Herdlicker?): atheist, communist, antiwar activist is whohe is.(Herdlicker?)One of his sculptures depicts the crucified Christ without a face– or loincloth. A painting of the crucifixion shows a soldier beating Jesus… while fondling him. The most widely criticized “art” is a painting of the Last Supperwith the apostles engaging in what the artist calls “a homosexual orgy.” (That’s why his name’s Herd-licker!)The curators of the Catholic museum don’t understand why people consider the works blasphemous.

Closer to home, in Reedsburg, Wisconsin, school authorities were surprised by the response to this year’s “Wacky Day.” Students at Pineview Elementary school were encouraged to dress either as senior citizensor members of the opposite sex. The school was flooded with protests after local radio picked up the story. School District administrator Tom Benson assureseverybody that encouraging the kids to cross-dresswas not an attempt to promote cross-dressing. (Why would anybody think that?)

Final surprise: The 9th Circus Court of Appealsruled the website Roommates.com cannot require its users to identify their sexual preferencewhile seeking out– or applying to be– a roommate. So the real surprise, for some of these lucky users,will come later.

Don’t you just love surprises, folks? Especiallythe wayI tell you about them?

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