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“The balance of unchecked power rests on what happens in Minnesota. If the Democrats have control in Washington with a filibuster-proof Senate, you’re going to see something akin to the Jimmy Carter era and that will change the fabric of this Republic, if it remains a Republic.” — Jason Lewis

• AP: Coleman, Franken Battle Over Ballots

“We are the ‘leave us alone’ crowd, so naturally we don’t gravitate towards government. Unfortunately, you’ve got this well-funded, merry band of committed socialists who look at government for power. We need people committed to defending free-market capitalism.” — Jason Lewis

• Reuters: Hillary for Sec’y of State?

“People like you and me are looking for guts and conviction. The GOP needs to stand for something again and energize the base!” — Jason Lewis

•WT: Lawmakers Angry at Fed’s ‘Bait-and-Switch’

“Part of being a leader is telling the people when they’re wrong.” — Jason Lewis

• PRUDEN: A Cream Puff for Used-Car Salesmen

“This nation wasn’t founded on charismatic leaders. It was founded upon a principle. We were founded upon a consensus of individual liberty, limited government, and the rule of law, which includes private property. That’s the cohesiveness that keeps us together.” — Jason Lewis

• NYT: Emanuel Apologizes for Father’s ‘Arab’ Comments

“The bailout won’t work. What will work? To pledge to the United States citizens that we will never, ever have a Freddie and Fannie again to light the matchstick that set off this fire. We will dismantle those outrageous institutions and we will not guarantee anybody’s debt anymore.” — Jason Lewis

• Bloomberg: Bush Warns Against ‘Too Much’ Government in Markets
• WP: A Lemon of a Bailout

“The first thing the GOP has to do if it wants to be a party in ascension once again is stand for something.” — Jason Lewis

• WP: Michael Steele to Run for RNC Chair

“Folks, you gotta fight the Democrats in their own game. I’m so tired of these namby-pamby pell-mell Republicans saying, ‘We’re going to rise above’ and then they get the tar beat out of them and wonder why they lose elections.” — Jason Lewis

•WSJ: Trade, Jobs Data Paint Gloomy Picture Before Bush’s G-20 Economic Summit

“Is this going to be 1982 when Reagan got us out of a recession or 1932 when Roosevelt exacerbated it? The biggest myth in economic history is that FDR’s New Deal got us out of the Great Depression.” — Jason Lewis

• USA Today: Palin Says a Woman on 2012 Ticket Would be Good for GOP
• Telegraph: Sarah Palin Deserves a Media Apology
• Star Tribune: Politics Prompted Her Assault

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