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RUSH: Before I left the Golden EIB Microphone a few days ago, Obama’s teleprompter told him to be negative on the economy. He was bashing the US economy, bashing the US stock market, bashing Wall Street every opportunity he got. We all know why. He wanted to create a crisis atmosphere and mentality, so as to set government up as the solution to virtually every problem he thought of and could convince people existed, and that’s why he started loading up all of his Democrat pet projects, loading them up and trying to get ’em rammed through as quickly as he can. Now, I go a couple days ago to a charity golf outing, and Obama’s teleprompter tells him to be positive. Now Obama’s teleprompter’s confident. The teleprompter’s positive. Obama’s teleprompter is bullish. They’re telling everybody to go out there and bet the farm.

What was it do you do suppose that turned Obama’s teleprompter from catastrophe to confidence? I don’t think that it was the fact that I was away? I mean, it could have been Warren Buffett rolling his eyes or Jack Welch rolling his eyes or the Business Council last week rolling its eyes or it could have been the ChiComs saying, ‘You know what? We don’t think the debt that we hold in the United States is secure and good,’ wondering how much Obama’s spending sprees will depreciate all of the debt that they hold. So Obama’s teleprompter told the business community that it is confident. He told the ChiCom community that the Treasury bills — Treasury notes and Treasury bonds — are secure, and Obama’s teleprompter is confident. Now, why would the Obama teleprompter all of a sudden turn positive like this? Are these all the possibilities, or are there others?

I think one of the other possibilities is his approval numbers are not going well. The latest Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll today shows that 36% of voters now strongly approve of the way Obama’s performing; 32%, up from 29%, strongly disapprove. ‘This gives President Obama an approval index rating of plus four. That is the lowest rating to date.’ His overall approval is holding steady at around 56%, but if you just take the strongly approves and subtract from that the strongly disapprove, 36 minus 32, you get four. That’s not a big spread. The approval numbers are tanking, and he’s gotta keep his approval numbers up in order get all these other things done that he wants to do: health care, cap and trade.

He also, ladies and gentlemen, wants to be able to raise taxes, as we know, and you don’t raise taxes in the midst of a great recession heading into a depression, as he’s been telling us is happening. So if you want to raise taxes — and, by the way, Daniel Henninger. There was a story last Thursday in the Wall Street Journal. I sent this to everybody I know. Daniel Henninger had a great piece on what Obama’s real plans are. It’s exactly what I told you. It is returning the nation’s wealth to its, quote, unquote, ‘rightful owners.’ He cited charts, graphs, lines from Obama’s budget and his books about what his real intents are about the top one, top 2% of wage earners and wealth in this country. He wants to wipe ’em out and redistribute the money, and he needs tax increases to be able to do that. He needs the perception that the economy is coming back in order to be able to do that. So all this talk is simply about furthering his agenda.

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