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RUSH: You gotta hear this audio sound bite of the press asking Bob Gibbs, the bumbling Bob Gibbs, when did the president know about these AIG bonuses?

REPORTER: You say you haven’t talked to the president yet about when he learned about these bonuses. Could I just put in a request that you ask him when he learned?

GIBBS: I — I — I will — I will — I will write that down. (snickers)

REPORTER: First of all, why haven’t you asked the president when he learned about this?

GIBBS: There are a lot of questions I haven’t asked the president, Chuck.

RUSH: Oooooooh. See? All day long I’ve been telling you, these bonuses have been known to be coming on this date, they’ve been known by everybody in Washington for months, and now the press asks, ‘When did Obama know this?’ because he’s acting like he was blindsided by it.

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